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My Favorite Christmas Memory Over This Year’s Break

What Did You Get For Christmas?

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Unscramble The Christmastime Words!

  1. amyfil
  2. racinglo
  3. resptnse
  4. klanowfses
  5. rtiseap
  6. yjo
  7. lraghute
  8. oemrntasn
  9. codretonais
  10. lef no het selfh (I’m sorry if not everyone has heard of this)
  11. cemebred tftwitheynf- (Add the – whete you think it’s needed)
  12. kinostcg
  13. genals
  14. Bthemhale
  15. hesctuns
  16. stotleime
  17. tucnkaesrc
  18. librveegni

Each counts as a point. Tell me how many you could figure out and which numbers you could not in the comments . But first do the bonus!!!

Which of these is the correct order of reindeer names like in the song Rudolph the Red -Nosed Reindeer. If you are unfamiliar with this song either guess or skip it.

A .  Dasher  Dancer  Prancer Blitzen  Comet  Cupid  Donner  Vixen

B.  Blitzen  Comet  Cupid  Dancer  Dasher  Donner  Prancer  Vixen

C. Dasher  Dancer  Prancer  Vixen  Comet  Cupid  Vixen  Donner

D. Dancer  Dasher  Prancer  Blitzen  Comet  Cupid Donner  Vixen

E. Dasher  Dancer  Prancer  Vixen  Comet  Cupid  Donner  Blitzen