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The Theme Of The “Harry Potter” Series

Hatchet: Next Step

Bryan has just barely escaped from a downed plane.  The pilot of the small plane had suffered from a severe heart attack which led to death.  But, with extreme luck, Bryan was able to avoid rocks and trees, and managed to land in a lake.  Bryan escaped the plane with multiple bruises and following a short nap, was chewed up by thousands of mosquitoes and flies.

If I was in Bryan’s horrible situation, the next step for me would to try and walk around and get my strength back.  This would be my decision because after narrowly escaping death, I wouldn’t want to die from lack of food or shelter.  If I could get my strength back, I would have the ability to search for these basic needs.

My Favorite Books

I love reading.  Sometimes, I run out of new things to read, but then when I open a new book, I become absorbed in it once more.  I have multiple favorites that I have read and reread again.  Listed, are some books that passionate readers might enjoy.

  • “Harry Potter”

I enjoy the “Harry Potter” series due to J.K Rowling’s’ ability to create suspense and make the stories seem so realistic.

  • “The Chronicles Of Narnia”

“The Chronicles Of Narnia” involve adventure as well as trouble and the books are very enjoyable to read due to the style of writing.

  • “The Lost Track Of Time”

In “The Lost Track Of Time”, time slips away from Penelope and she goes on an adventure that puts her to the test.

  • “Turtle In Paradise”

This Newbery Honor Book, in my opinion, rightfully earned the award due to Jennifer Holm’s ability to entice the reader.

  • “The War That Saved My Life”

“The War That Saved My Life” takes place in the midst of World War II and involves a young girl’s determination in the war.