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My Life Story About Self-Acceptance

Around a year ago, I thought that I was a terrible flute player.  Whenever I would practice my flute, I would always play the wrong notes, and that in turn discouraged me.  Thoughts like “You are bad at this” or “You can’t do it” constantly floated through my head.  But a few weeks later, my friend Kate told me about the private flute teacher she was going to for lessons.  So, I started going to lessons with her.  I was becoming better by each lesson!  I have school flute lessons weekly and one week my teacher noticed a big difference in my playing!  It was such a big difference, that she told me I was going to the PMEA Youth Honor’s Band Fest!  Going to the band fest made be a stronger and more confident flutist.  In the end, I accepted that I could be a good flutist which led me on the track of getting even better.

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