The Theme Of The “Harry Potter” Series


  1. Hi, Maggie! I really liked how you said stuff about the battles and how sometimes they were anticipated. Though, I wish you would have included a specific battle they had. Has the good guy ever lost a battle?
    Please check out my thoughts… (it’s worth it)

    • Hello Summer!
      Thanks for visiting my blog! A specific battle that I can name write now took place in the 4th book, “The Goblet of Fire”. SPOILER ALERT: Harry Potter is used to help rebirth Voldemort. Following this they duel. Harry fights and then manages to grab the portkey and go back to Hogwarts. (A portkey is an object that transfers someone to a destined place) In Harry Potter, the good guy never loses the battle although he faces losses along the way. I’ll be over to check out your blog! Thanks!

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