Are You Interested In Some Stupendous Sews?

Need the perfect gift for mom or grandma?  Come check out my mom’s new sewing website my dad and I have been helping her create.  My mom does all the sewing and I help her with a lot of the cutting in my free time.  Right now, there are garden size flags for Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s day. I have lots of ideas for more.  I also help her think of designs.  It’s a lot of fun! My mom plans on some Easter flags soon with even stuffed bunnies!  I’m going to be in charge of helping her name them so they will all have their own name and be ready for their forever home.



Well, there are multiple ways to get to her website but here’s probably the easiest way.

Go to

Scroll down and the link for her Etsy store is there.

The second way is to go directly to

Then go to the search bar and look up sewkatiestore and it will come up.

And finally, if you don’t feel like doing any of these things, here’s the link. SewKatieStore


Thanks For Reading And Please Visit!!

Here are a few pictures of her creations…

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