fluffy, furry

                                                 loses a lot of fur

                                orange, white, soft, green eyes, awesome



                                                      fried eggs

                                                  inside yellow yolk

                                       outside white, gooey, yum

                              amazing for breakfast, good with toast



  1. Hi Maggie! I really enjoyed reading your cinquains. But in the first one I don’t know if you should write “kittens” because you are only talking about one kitten. And in the second one this was your syllable pattern: instead of:
    2 2
    5 4
    6 6
    9 8
    3 2
    Maybe you could do this instead:
    fried eggs
    inside is yolk
    outside white, gooey, yum
    awesome for breakfast, good with toast
    so good
    Are fried eggs your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
    Please come visit my blog and leave a comment! 🙂
    Have a great day! 🙂

    • Dear Summer,
      I will try to change the kitten mistake. Also in the second cinquain I will try to use you ideas but not copy them. When you wrote the syllable pattern the first one is what I did and the second one is what it should be right?
      Thanks for commenting.

    • Dear Summer,
      Fried eggs are one of my favorite foods for breakfast. I think I have to many favorites.

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