Meet the 14-year-old who won the Scripps National Spelling Bee with ‘psammophile’

This week, I read an article about a student who won the national spelling bee. This student, Dev Shah, came up just short of gold last year when he took second place at the competition. This year, he made it a point that he would take home the title of the champion. Although he is only 14, his knowledge of words and definitions extends beyond anything you would know. His winning word this year was “psammophile.” A psammophile is a living organism that resides in sandy environments. In my opinion, it is amazing to think that a 14 year old has the ability to push themselves and keep going just to spell words.

Would you ever enter a spelling bee?

Do you think you could win one?

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What is Good About Society Today?

In response to a full discussion, I feel that there are several things in society today that can be seen as good. My first thought when reading this question, without a doubt, was the career opportunities rising within schools. Not in relation to teachers, but internship and cooperative education availabilities. This gives students the ability to work and understand how their future field of work may operate. Along with this, we also give this opportunity to students with disabilities. Recently, I have found that our school offers several ways for these students to start working, for example, Spartan Fuel and cooperative education within the school. I feel these experiences can help contribute to the good in society by setting up students for the future.

How Important is the Family Dynamic in Today’s Society?

As a teeneager in today’s society, a look at family dynamic can be much different than an adult or a child. We all understand that our family is so important, and we need them to keep ourselves going, but in this part of our life we want o break free from that idea. We want to become our own people, make our own choices, and have our own freedom. But at some point, we come back to our family, because we know that we love them and need them. We learn to interact with our family a certain way, and this is something sacred, that others will never understand. The relationships tat are formed within a family can never be broken, although sometimes it may feel like it.

Post-Prom Shooting in Texas

In Austin Texas, on Saturday night, a huge prom after-party turned to a tragedy. Deputies believe that the gunshots, that injured 9 teengers in attendance, may be linked to a nearby shooting in a neighboring city. The victims were wounded, but are in a hospital to recover. They are still investigating.

What do you think the motive was?

Why do you think it it linked to another city?

How Much Can You Control Who You Want to Be?

Looking at this question, I see it in a way that can be explained in different levels. First, I think your background and upbringing can play a roll in this, but you aren’t really able to control that. But as you grow up, you can control who you surround yourself with and the things you do. If you plan on setting yourself up for a brighter future, you make sure that you focus on that mindset when considering who you want to be friends with, what clubs or sports you want to be involved in, and whether or not you decide to work at an early age or start college planning; anything in relation to those things are completely in your control. Although anxiety may come with this, the idea that you have control over your future and the person you want to be can be comforting and relieving in the long run.

California will remake San Quentin prison, emphasizing rehab

In the news article, “California will remake San Quentin prison, emphasizing rehab” by Janie Har and Sophie Austin, it starts to explain how one of the most dangerous prisons on the east coast is planning to turn to a rehabilitation facility. Instead of housing some of the countries most popular death-row prisoners, San Francisco Bay state prison will lock up prisoners of lower-level crimes and attempt to provide help for them. This help is said to include education and training alongside rehab. It is said that the prisoners that are currently sentenced to death will be sent to other facilities and the state prison will only hold these less-dangerous criminals. This can relate to Salem Witch Trials, or at least compare to it, since they are focusing on rehabbing the outcasts, instead of having them sit in a cinderblock box for the rest of their lives. The trials included death sentences and mistreatment of victims, which is what happens to those sentenced to death. I feel that rehabilitation is a much better way to help with criminal activity and help fix crime rates in general.

Do you think rehabilitation will work?

How do you feel about this shift in prison life?