books im reading

hey y’all, so i’ve been reading some books recently i mean its not that interesting but i can tell y’all about them anyways. so the main one that i’m reading is called Book Scavenger The Unbreakable Code. its very full of events and kinda chaotic at some points but it’s fun to read. i got two today at the library which are Nat Enough and Holes. i’ve read Holes like a million times but idk i just felt like reading it again. i already started reading Nat Enough and it’s very relatable so far. so yeah those are the books that i’m reading/got today. byeeeee  🥳🙂🦎

christmas presents

So I guess I’ll just tell y’all me favorite christmas presents that I got. So on christmas eve my grandma on my dads side so my dads mom comes over to give me and my brothers out gifts because my moms side comes over on christmas day. She gave me and Braedyn apple watches and different color bands to go with it. The band she gave me I would prob pick for myself so she did a really good job on that. I downloaded games on it and they are really fun. Anyways me oldest brother Kyle got me a starbucks gift card and I’m so excited to use it. My friend from cheer also got me a gift card and it was to lululemon. Idk if you know what that is but its basically overpriced athletic clothes. My mom also go me some lululemon which I am obsessed with. My other brother Braedyn got me tree hut scrubs which I am also obsessed with. My mom got me one too. My mom got me lavender and Braedyn got me cotton candy and papaya paradise. ( Papaya paradise if my favorite one.) My mom also got me the pura vida club which is basically where they send you exclusive bracelets every month. So yeah those are my favorite presents that I got. 🙂

favorite singers and songs

Okay so my favorite songs are definitely either Classic by MKTO or Meet Me At Our Spot by THE AXENTY, WILLOW, Tyler Cole. Baby by Justin Bieber is also a classic favorite but its juts not up there with the others. My favorite singers on the other hand are Taylor Swift and even though they are a band 1D aka One Direction. My favorite song by Ms. Taylor is Wildest Dreams. I don’t really know why maybe its just solely based on the fact that I know the whole song. My favorite song by 1D is story of my life also because I know all the words and its just a vibe. Nowadays 1D is underrated they used to be the hype now everyone just dropped them.

cursive name design !

It is radial symmetry because  I put the same shapes, lines, and colors in all 4 of the corners. I used lines to help hide my name by making them in different directions. The different directions helped hide my name because the lines clashed and made it harder to read. I also used a bunch of different colors and shapes to make it bright and it helps distract people from my name. I think the symmetry part of it turned out really well because it looks identical in every single corner. It is definitely my favorite piece of artwork because I have never done anything like this and its really cool and pretty.

Kudo’s Cash Auction

At the kudo’s cash auction I bought 3 things. I bought a  pink ruler, earasers, and pens. I bought them for 22 cash total, the ruler was 1, the erasers were 8, and the pens were 12. I had 25 to begin with and since I spent 22 I only have 3 left. 🙁 sad.  But I just got a high five from my bus driver and for the music teacher so now I technically have 5 in total.

The Lonely Flower Characters

In my story there are not that many characters to be honest. Its pretty simple. Now in the family there is the mom, Jonny, and the two sisters. The mom has red/brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is short and curly. Now Jonny on the other hand have blonde hair and blue eyes! I don’t even know how but he does. The sisters though took their moms hair and eyes red/brown hair and brown eyes. Except their hair is long and straight. Now you might be thinking, “Is Jonny adopted”. Long story short, yes.

The Lonely Flower Setting

My short story ‘The Lonely Flower’ is located in East Earl, Pa. The amish stand that they go to is the little one that sells the really good watermelon. Their home is in the neighborhood just down the street not too far away from the stand. The mall that they go to near the end of the story in King of Prussia which is almost an hour away!! I know far away but its the best mall EVER. Just picture it, its the middle of summer, bright sunny day and schools out. Its literally the definition of heaven.

The Lonely Flower Summary

When we have writing time in our journals and I decided to start a short story called ‘The Lonely Flower’. So far I only have 4 pages and my goal is to have 6 or more. So far it’s about a little boy named Jonny at an amish stand that does pick your own flowers. He went to the stand with his mom and his two sisters. The sisters ran to the flowers while jonny was walking. Jonny took longer than the girls so he was the last one done. When they left there was only one flower left which Jonny wanted but the sisters were eager to leave. The day after Jonny and his mom went shopping then went back to the field to get the flower. Then they framed the flower in the living room.😀🌼