Would you be willing to risk your life for something you believe in

Yes, I would risk my life for the Museu the one and only god the creator of the universe I would die Like he died for use and I will love like he loved us If someone said they’d kill me for their beliefs I would let them because I know where I would go to heaven a wonderful place My favorite Bible verse is

Jhon 3:16

for god so loved the world get sent his one and only son and for whoever believes in him shall not parish but live an eternal life

This shows how much God loves us so we should Love him and die for him

But if that happened I wouldn’t risk my family I would let them stay safe while I die so that they can continue to live their lives.

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What makes me feel loved

I feel love when I have quality time with family and am able to hang out with family I like to watch movies with everyone play games and have a family game night. I also feel loved when I’m getting compliments or when somebody affirms me and notices what I’m doing. When I’m cleaning my room I feel loved when a family of friend helps me clean without expecting to be paid. This is what makes me feel Loved

You Have As Much As you create A fictional story By: carter Bowman

Friday morning Greg Wilson and Lucas Millers Walked to school. That day they were choosing their work of art for the art show on Saturday night. When Young Greg sat down to choose his work of art he was disappointed to see that there was Nothing there. When Greg looked over at Lucas’s desk he was feeling ashamed because everyone Had at least 20 pieces of art to choose from. He walked out of the classroom disappointed when Mrs.Bagger had seen him

“What’s wrong Greg arent you going to pick what you want to display for the art show,” Mrs.Bagger said but she didn’t know he had no art for he just didn’t try

“I don’t have any, ” Greg said whimpering “I just didn’t try”

then Mrs.Bagger told him You have as much as you create. You create as much as you are willing to create.

so Mrs.Bagger pulled a blue and orange crayon out of her bag and gave him a piece of paper from the printer right next to them

“Here Take this and draw a picture for the show,” Mrs.Bagger said grinning

Young Greg took the paper and drew a picture of space He was proud and entered it into the show.

Then when young Greg grew up he was proud and remembered what Mrs. bagger said “You have as much as you create. You create as much as you are willing to create.” and became an illustrator that had won Tons of records and metals as for Lucas he was forgotten for he stopped trying. The End

Christmas Break

Over Christmas break, I spent most of my time over at my cousin’s house. On Christmas eve I went to my uncle’s house with the rest of my family for Christmas dinner.  ON Christmas day we opened a bunch of presents that afternoon we went to my Cussons house for Christmas when I stayed the night for 3 days we build a fort and played Fortnite. Then I went home and later that week went to my cousins for another 3 days On my birthday I got an Icecream cake and enjoyed the rest of my Christmas break.





My week end

this weekend I was at home the whole time family members weren’t feeling well and the whole house was super chaotic and I stayed in m room playing video gams most of the day with my cousin over discord. my grammy had to go to the hospital because she was feeling ill. but still, I stayed in my bedroom playing with cousin. we also had to have somebody bring us some dinner because everyone was sick. After dinner, I had a Variety of cookies. My cousen was super nice and gifted me something that other wise costs money to uptain. This was my week end.

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Christmas List

this christmas I want a lot of different things I can and I will list 4 different items I want and I will also tell you what I got last year

  1. Nintendo Game maker game
  2. An X-Box series X
  3. a drum set (no snare)



Nintendo game maker

well the reason i wanted the nintendo game maker game is because I wanted to make my own games so that I didn’t have to find a game The type of game I was looking for. Plus It is so much fun being able to make your own games and put a huge imagination to work. I love the work and effort somebody puts into a game and I they are always known so If i make a game will i be known. Have you ever wanted to make a game tell me in the comments.

An X-box Series X

so I have My reasons. I love to play games and you know I also love to make games. with the X-box series x I can play my games with ray tracing and have a newer console sitting with my 360. Yes I will still play on my 360 but maybe Il play on the Series x so I can play more multiplayer games with my friends farther away. Have you ever wanted a video game if so tell me witch one in the comments

A drum set (no Snare)

Before I start talking about why Ill say No snare because well I already have  snare but that’s the only drum i have. With loving to make games com along another this loving to make music I love to make music and draw and Code (making games) I also Like writing but (duu I did it for this)I cant make music without an interment so I want to have a drum set so I can play cool tunes starting with a BANG.  any instrument you ever wanted tell me also in the comments.


This is what I want for christmas what do  you want for a christmas you don’t need to comment a paragraph for each item.

Also I didn’t ask for any stuffed animals rylee   

What I did During Thanksgiving Break


On Wednesday I got home and I played video games most of the day.  I also drew in my room a basic non-professional ninja I was proud of it but I could do better.  I also Cleaned and help cook Thanksgiving dinner.


On thanksgiving day we finished preparing dinner at my great uncle’s house. When I got to there house I played on my switch for a bit until dinner was served and ready to eat. after dinner we had apple and pumpkin pie with some hot chocolate for a drink


On thursday it was a typical weekend day I played and drew like a normal kid I was on my tablet for a while as well.


on friday i had a fun time riding my bike to a friend’s house but they weren’t home so i leaped onto the bike and rode back down the hill and around the corner to my house.


on saturday I had to watch my sisters friend and my sister they wouldn’t SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME AT ALL.


On sunday I went to church and relaxed the whole day


On monday I went to my cussins house and we played minecraft and roe dirt bike. we also had pecan pie and a dilisipus meal for dinner and that’s the real weekend


Every Year at thanksgiving I go to my grandmas house for a big thanksgiving meal. At my grandmas house most of my cousins are there and we play games and play outside before we eat. After we eat we get to play for a while and then we go home on thanksgiving day we have a big dinner with lots of family and friends. this year will my puppy Harpers first thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see the rest of my family gather around the dinner table for a thanksgiving meal. My favorite food is the turkey and the stuffing. sometimes I go to my Nana’s house for a dinner to but it doesn’t happen every year. I so excited for thanksgiving I can’t wait for Thanksgiving.