Here is what we will be learning this year:

Language Arts will focus on…

•Reading Strategies  (making predictions/inferences, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, finding main idea and details, sequencing, summarizing)
•Literary Devices  (simile, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia)
•Oral Reading Fluency
•Independent reading
•Writing Narratives, Informatives, Persuasive/Opinion pieces, and friendly letters
•Spelling patterns
Math will focus on…
•Basic fact fluency – all operations
•Multiplication & Division
•Fractions on a Number Line
•Collecting & Displaying Data
In Science, we will learn about…
•Scientific Method
•Earth’s Cycles
•Properties of Matter
•Nutrition, Body Systems, & Dental Health
In Social Studies, we will learn about…
•Geography– Reading and Using Maps
•History — Lancaster County and Life over the past 100 years
•Government– A basic understanding
•Key Presidents
•Native Americans

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