new years resolution

why do people make a new years resolution ?? People make resolution so is a gool that you have for the new year. Some people make resolution for like losing weight and eat hethey. If you give up easy then I would pike one. Every year you make a new one and try to do them. Trey not to put a lot of thinks on the new year resolution if you do then you might not finish it.

This is my argumentative writing

Argumentative Essay

Your name: Wyatt 

Why Phones Should Be in Schools


Have you ever needed a phone for an emergency at school but couldn’t have it out? Once I had a bad headache in class and I was not allowed to go to the nurse. If I had my phone,  I could have texted my mom saying, “I have a bad headache,”  and then she could pick me up. Phones should be allowed in schools in case of emergencies and for educational purposes.


  People should be allowed to have phones in school if there was an emergency. states, “It should be allowed to use cellphones in school in case there is an emergency because parents can easily inform their children.” Say your family member was dying and you were going to go see them. Your mom could text you to let you know so it’s not a surprise. An article states, “Cell phones should be allowed in schools for medical reasons.”

Say you have diabetes and you are supposed to check it every once and awhile, you can use your phone to check it. For these reasons, people should be allowed to have phones in school if there was an emergency.


People should be allowed to have phones in school because they have helpful apps.The article states, “Cell

Career Story

Wyatt “s job


I am a long distance truck driver.  


I am heading to New orleans when I jackknifed my truck and my truck blew up.


I jumped out of the truck because it was on fire . I Felt heat from the motor.

I heard crackling from the truck. The fire burning.  It crackle.  I saw fire burning the truck. I  saw the tires mal ting. I smelled rubber burning and it stinks. I smelled the wires burning, tasted the smell of the  fuel burning. I tas ted a rubber like feeling in my mouth.


I called the tire department. It was a total loss !  I was driving a long and a car cut me off .  I ran into the quad rail, I busted through it. Then my trucle fell off the cliff. It was totaled. I ended up  with two broken legs and two broken  arms. I heard crackling and banking sounds KABORV !! Really sad and mad .  I called the tow truck and firefighters .  I saw branches flying as my truck rolled down the hill .


Everything was flying everywhere . The tow truck driver pulled my truck up out of the w


oods. Parts of the truck were flying all over the place as they were hitting me .


I just stopped and stared.  I smelled smoke and burning rubber .

I tasted dirt. Smoke and a rubbery taste .


I went to the insurance company, and they gave me money to replace my truck . My new truck was made of gold . Priceless !! It cost two billion dollars . I Felt broke ! I was broke ! Time to start trucking again .