April 9

The PSSAs are Coming Up Real Soon!

The PSSAs are coming soon! So if you are reading this in a state that isn’t Pennsylvania, or you live in PA but you don’t do a test called the PSSA, let me explain to you what they are. PSSA stands for Pennsylvania System of School Assessment. So you know by what it stands for that it is a test, or an assessment. The PSSA is a state wide test in PA that most schools in PA take that cover English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. (Science is for 4th grade and 8th grade only). The first week of testing is ELA (English Language Arts). Then, the next week is for Mathematics. It covers everything you should’ve learned from the beginning of the school year, until now. You take it from 3rd grade to 8th grade.

So now that I got that part of the blog covered, now on to the real part. My opinion on the PSSAs and overall standardized testing. My opinion on tests and the PSSAs aren’t really great. I understand that the PSSAs are necessary to test all your 6th grade students what they know from the whole school year. But I think they’re boring, and the stories aren’t near interesting. But, the PSSAs also have some perks. Most teachers don’t give away homework during the PSSAs, and no vocab tests. Also, you get lots of goodies and treats from the PSSAs. I think they’re decently hard, but the thing really gets me are the TDAs.(Text Dependent Analysis). They’re not way too hard to answer, but you have to write so much if you get a big one. There are a couple of small ones, but those are only about one or two paragraphs long. I’m not really a fan of most types of tests, but I’m ready for the PSSA!

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