November 6

Student Blogging Challenge Week #3 Write A Poem About A Song Or Image

  Student Blogging Challenge Week #3

Water, water such peace and quiet it makes up our lives! Without it we would be nothing and in despair, and there wouldn’t be any such thing as air. Oh without we couldn’t make the drink that we drink daily. Without it we would be all faily! Love for it, have hope for it, and use it well, and not to waste because who wants to be in worse condition than rough paste! Now you guys try making your own poem on your blog and in a comment to this posy put the link to the poem, or just put a poem in a comment. Goodbye!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week #3 Write A Poem About A Song Or Image

  1. Maria José Paiva

    Hello Elijah!
    Greetings from Portugal!
    Thanks for visiting our class blog! You left a very nice comment.
    We enjoyed to know how you and your friends celebrated Halloween. And of course we loved the fact that your best friend is Portuguese!
    We have visited your blog and we were thrilled to know more about you and your family. We also like sports and, of course, we love football. Do you know that The Portuguese football team won the European Championship 2016, in France?
    By the way, we also agree with you: mom’s cooking is so good and delicious that it’s not possible to describe it! We loved your expression: “it’s like putting a spoonful of heaven into your mouth”. My students laughed and asked me to tell you – you’re completely right.
    But, in my opinion, you are a poet. We also find your poem about water amazing! It’s such a precious resource and sometimes we forget this!
    Let me tell you that my students learn English as their first foreign language, so it’s very important for them to get in touch with young teens from other countries and making blogging friends all over the world!
    Maria Paiva and class 9B, Portugal

    1. zookpe9 (Post author)

      Thanks Maria for the complement I really enjoyed it, and sorry it took me such a while to reply I just couldn’t catch up on my blog.

  2. Ethan

    Hello Elijah
    My name is Ethan and I really liked your poem about water it is really the only thing that every one needs to survive on this planet other than food anyway I liked your post and you should come check out my blog and our class’s blog = class blog =my blog

    Have a good day sincerely Ethan


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