January 9

Best day ever!!!!!!!!!

Time to wake up sweetie. Ok mom! I jump out of bed and I look out the window and I see something!! Today i’m going to tell you about my best day ever!  First, I look out the window and I see something. Next, I see a unicorn. Last, I ride the unicorn.


I look out the window and I see something. First, I see a unicorn. Next, I say to myself, “Oh my gosh!! It is a unicorn! “ I said. Last I call my mom and when she sees it she freaks out!!


I see a unicorn. First, I say to myself,” what am I going to do with this unicorn?” Next, “Hmm. What could I do?” Last, I got it!! I’m going to ride the unicorn!!


I ride the unicorn. First, “ this is so much fun!” Next, “Sweetie it is time for lunch.”  Then, I say to my mom, Ok mom, can my unicorn eat too?”


I can’t believe the day is already over!  I look out the window and I see…. I see a unicorn. I ride the unicorn. As you can see, that was my best day ever!!


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1 thoughts on “Best day ever!!!!!!!!!

  1. hershej240

    star:i like you left me on a cliffhanger.
    wish:i wish kaiden was there to see it.
    wonder:i wonder where kaiden was?


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