December 20

Career essay

Dream Job

By Alyssa Zook


EERR! EERR! EERR! I woke up to my alarm. It’s my first day being a Art director!! First, I eat eggs and bacon. Then, I put my sunflower apron on. Finally, I go out of the front door, go in my car, and I drive there very quickly.


I got there and I started painting. First, I needed paint brushes and paint. Next, I drove to the store and I got paint brushes and paint. Last, I go to the building and started painting again.


I got there and I looked at the clock and it was 9:30 and it started at 9:00. First, I got there and I was super late!! Next, My boss came in and said, “Alyssa you are so late.” Last, I say, “I’m sorry boss. I got distracted.”


It’s the next day. It’s finally my 2nd day being a art director. I say to myself “I can’t be late like yesterday.” Finally, I get there and i’m not late!!!


I couldn’t believe the day for me to be a art director is already over!!! Getting paint. I was so late. The next day. I can’t wait to paint tomorrow.


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