December 20

Hatchet Next Step

In the book Hatchet the next thing that I think he will do is look through the 1st aid kit and see if there is a flare gun and flairs and then call for help. Also I think that he might use the hatchet to cut down trees and make a shelter for now.

If I was in this problem I would make a shelter and fishing pole and fish so I can have food in till someone comes and saves me.

November 20

Genius Hour Project Map

Skill: I want to make full design models of rooms.


I will take blocks of styrofoam and carve them into rooms and add furniture and color to it to make it look like the room. The main thing I want to do is make bedrooms and bathrooms.


I will research matching tile, sinks, showers, baths, and toilets for the bathroom, and research matching beds, dressers, tables, paint for the walls, and ether hardwood floor or carpet.


End product

I want to make mini rooms

October 30

8 thing that you probably didn’t know about me

1: I have 1 sister that is 8 years old and 1 brother that is 28 years old.

2: I have a cat that is 3 years old and a dog that is 16 years old.

3: I like to play video games like minecraft, fortnite, roblox, forza horizon 2, and call of duty black ops 3.

4: I do gymnastics and I can do a back handspring, a front flip, and a front handspring.

5: I am starting basketball.

6: I like jumping on my neighbors trampoline.

7: I am funny and like to tell jokes.

8: I like money and spending it.

October 30

The 7 habits

I am choosing sharpening the saw because in the video he saids about that sharpening the saw will take to long. I think I do that alot and I want to improve. I will change it by spending my time wisely.

September 12

All About Me

Hi my name is Caden and in this doc I will be telling you my personal profile. My birthday is 2/21/2007. I have 1 sister and 1 brother. The pets I have are Trinity (dog) and Misty (cat). My hobbies are gaming, and flipping on a trampoline. My favorite subject is art. My least favorite subject is STEM. The skill I struggle with the most is STEM. Three things I love is My family, my friends, and my pets. Three things I fear is being alone in the dark, the devil, and 7th grade. If my family was a noise it would sound like a penio because sometimes we are chaotic and other times we are nice. I would like the world to be made out of chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles because I LOVE that food. If I could bring back 3 people it would be my grandma, Abraham lincoln, and my dads parents. The animal I resemble the most is a cat because I can be mean and cute and the same time. The smell that resembles my house is pleasant. The color that best tells how I usually feel is green. If I could have anything it would be infinite money.The thing that I would like to change in the world is world hunger and mean people. If I could live anywhere it would be the beach. At this point, I would rate my life a B.

September 12

My Weekend

My weekend
By Caden

Saturday was my mom’s birthday and in the morning I played my Xbox. That afternoon we went to a yard sail and I got a bow and arrow when we went home me and my neighbor shot at a box with the bow and arrow. Then we went out to eat at haboutch with my brother and my grampal and his friend. Sunday we made breakfast in bed for my mom. I played Xbox again and then we went to church. When we came home I played xbox and then we played parchessey with my grampal. Then we made homemade pizza, the pizza was so good we made pepperoni and italian pizza. Then we just relaxed and we watched some TV and then went to bed.