8 thoughts on “Blog post 1 for Genius Hour

  1. hershea980

    Hi it’s Drew
    I wonder why you want to be a youtube editor/youtuber
    I like how you want to show other people your skill by editing videos.
    I wish you would tell us what you use to edit the videos and have you ever done it before.
    If you have time come check out my blog

  2. custer547

    Hey Caden,thanks for the comment! I wish you would have formatted this section a little differently,but I like how you went with your passion for the Genius Hour project. I wonder what makes you want to learn how to edit videos? Once again, thanks for the comment and please come back and read more of my stories or GH posts; http://blog.elanco.org/custer547/

  3. reicha283

    Hey Caden, I like how you gave a couple details about yourself. I wish you wouldn’t have put the titles and maybe just wrote a paragraph. I wonder what your editing website will be? Have a nice day, Courtney 🙂 (Btw if you have time please check out my blog: http://blog.elanco.org/reicha283/) Thanks!


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