2 thoughts on “The Best Invention That I Have

  1. jagiah406

    hey caden it is Justin I like how you tell me so much about how you like the xbox one s but I wish you might have checked your story a little bit more because it says afue in one sentence but it is ok we all make mistakes and I wonder what else console or great inventions you may like

  2. schultj976

    Hey Caden, it’s Joseph. I like that you listed what you can do with the Xbox, but I wish that you told us more about the console itself. I wonder when you got it? When I was in 2nd and 3rd grade, I used to play MineCraft on my Xbox 360 all the time. I met a lot of people. Sadly, I don’t talk to them anymore, I don’t play MineCraft much anymore, and my brother sold the Xbox 360. But, now I have an Xbox one so it’s fine.
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