Shades of Meaning.

Hello, people of the internet with this new type of blog post I’m just going to be cramming ideas into a post(s)  that just pop into my head and I might make a series about something that I like. A good chunk of my recent blog posts have just been about my Genius Hour project and that makes it seem more like a progress log than a blog about my life and stuff, and I want to change that. I will also be asking you guys in the comments on what stories I should tell or questions to be answered :D. Anyone from my reading class will know what this is but has anyone else reading this heard of shades of meaning? Well even if you do I’m going to be explaining it anyway. So imagine this, you have a horizontal line that goes from least intense emotions all the way to the most intense ones. Now, instead of having each emotion on a dedicated line it goes from it’s a least intense version of that feeling. An example, slightly sad all the way to be what could become very sad or discouraged. This Bar goes from 1 being least intense to 11 being the most intense.

Red Is Anger (Example: Annoyance, on the meter, it can meet up to 1-3 in the intensity level but others like exasperation start at 4-8)

Pink Is Fear(Example: Nervousness, this can be from stage fright, meeting new people, or just being shy or unsure of something. This broad spectrum of emotions could reach all the way from 1-9!)

Orange is enjoyment (Happiness basically) (Example: Amusement, This emotion also varies on how exactly you’re receiving it or giving it (Like everything else), It could be from someone telling a joke or story and making you laugh to you having a blast on a rollercoaster! It goes from 2-8 on the scale.)

Green Is disgust (Example: You feel disgusted towards something that you find repulsive.) 1-6

Blue Is sad Being sad could have many meanings, from being sad that you lost something to be someone dying. (Example: Discouragement a loss of confidence or enthusiasm; dispiritedness. It can go from 2 all the way to 9!) Being sad is a very bad emotion for me and I don’t like it.



Moana’s theme I guess

I feel that Moana’s main theme is to accept your responsibilities and never give in. Throughout this film, Moana, as well as Maui the shapeshifter, demigod of wind and sea, hero of man; both, have to face challenges that were caused by their mistakes. All of the bad things that happened like the coconut pirates attacking them and Ta-Kah awakening were because Maui took the heart of Tafiti! At one point or another, these characters Maui and Moana go far deep into “the I can’t do this” stage that they almost completely give up, not believing that they can handle the responsibilities… Later on in the story though, they face the responsibilities head-on. An example of this is transformation is when Maui faces the giant crab called Tomatoa in Moana and when the last time he faces ta-ka. When he fights tomatoa, he gets owned because of the fact that he wasn’t prepared and didn’t remember how to use his hook, and he didn’t believe in himself but Moana helped him through that and when he fought ta-kah even when his hook broke he still was ready to fight till the end. In conclusion, the movie Moana’s theme is Accepting your responsibilities.

The Leaf Book, Chapter One

The Leaf Book

*leaf thoughts* Why is it so cold? Why am I changing colors? I thought I was supposed to be green but now I turn orangish and I’m getting really weak… WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!?!?!?………. “NOOOOOOOO DON’T STEP ON ME YOU HOOMAN” NOOOOOOOOOOOOO… YA! Now, how can I get back on my tree with all of my friends? “WIND HELP ME PLEASE” *Wind picks up leaf and throws Leaf on the sticky sap of the maple tree* YA THANKS WIND now I can be with my buddies  Hi buddies If only I could get closer *tries helplessly to get out of sticky sap* “almost….. *RIP* what was that???? Oh.. NOOOOOOO I RIPPED… well. At least it doesn’t hurt as extremely as I thought it would… *WAIT NOW I CAN GO TALK TO MY BUDDIES YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!* I resolved, *walks over to the other leaves* “HI GUYS” I said to the group of other leaves, what I got in return made me sad. They looked at me like I had three eyes. Even though I lost legit half of my tiny leafy body they still treated me like an outsider… I tried to get to the middle of the tree to become warm but they just pushed me out… So I had to go into my small hole in a small branch on this very big tree to get SOME warmth… So too there I had gone I got beneath my small blanket fit for a leaf made out of the things the wind brings up from the ground every day. I couldn’t sleep though, it was way too cold even with my blanket… So at sunrise, I started doing my daily chores. Ok, Leaf is finally back :3, this what happened when Leaf was gone, I started my day. Which included; picking up around the branch, sung the daily “Tree Song” where every leaf comes of it’s a branch and goes to the middle of the tree and sing a sad song remembering the Leafs before us. Next, me and my few friends, tom and jerry, went to our post at the maple syrup thing, using our small cart things started to scoop up the sticky maple syrup and I got upset because I accidentally fell into my slop but we all laughed it off later. Next, we went back to the maple thingy to get our lunch. We eat the maple stuff because our elders tell us to, don’t tell Tom or Jerry this; personally, I like it, Tom and Jerry, however, don’t. After lunch, I headed back home and found something peculiar that sparkled and sparked like those tall things that have those blinding lights, Leaf was very tempted too go and touch it, but Leaf had things to do and places to be. Leaf goes out of his part of the branch, looking for Jerry, he finds Jerry and another person Leaf hasn’t met probably one of Jerry’s other friends. Leaf walks up to Jerry and tries “hey-” but Jerry immediately cuts him off, he obviously wants to tell him something, so Leaf listens: “Leaf, you won’t believe this, one of the elders, the one who makes sure everyone is eating the Maple stuff, y ‘know?” Leaf answers “Yes Elder Tod, what about him?” “Well, last night he suddenly went missing and nobody knows where he is. Do you know anything about this Leaf?”. Leaf was still bewildered at even the thought of Elder Tod being gone, he had been the 3rd elder and also the one closest to Leaf. There were Five Great Elders in this leafy community, The first was Able, Able didn’t really talk much and nobody really knows why, what everyone does know about this mysterious elder is the fact that he is the strongest and oldest leaf to exist, he was here since The Tree was made. The 2nd elder, Maximus is pretty much as strict as it gets, he’s in charge of making sure we do ALL of our chores and if we don’t, we have to do twice as many chores as we did the day before with a supervisor so we do it instead of “goofing off”. He is also extraordinarily loud as he barks orders to us worker leaves. Next on the list of “Leaf Elders” is Tod, y’know the one that suddenly went missing? Yeah him, he’s the most colorful leaf ever and also the one that made all the worker leaves and made it possible for the Tree to make leaves to. Then James and Clark came, they’re two brothers, both are the youngest elders but are still like a bazillion years old. James and Clark are different, they are like you and me but they (supposedly) have powers that one day will help save the tree from a dark and terrible evil. James is nice to the worker leaves because they think that the whole proficy thing isn’t true and he likes treating everyone equally. Clark, on the other hand, isn’t so nice, he is just a snob that gloats about his “hidden power” and he does this to all of the worker leaves that are unfortunate enough to be in his line of sight. Now, back to the story we go. “Leaf tried saying something but it just won’t come out, next thing you know he is passed out on the ground!” says Jerry as leaf starts to regain consciousness. “Where am I?” Leaf asked to no one in particular. He sat up and realized he was at the doctor’s office. Jerry was to his left, and the person to his right was probably the doctor. *Beep Beep* Jerry noticed that Leaf was awake so he asked: “You alright bud?” but all Leaf did was nod his head. The doctor told him to lay back down and relax so Leaf obeyed them. After that, the doctor, Leaf, and Jerry had a short conversation of what went down before Leaf and Jerry thanked the doctor and left. Find out what happens next, in the next chapter!

Author’s Purpose by: Tyler, Luke, and Jackson.

In the text “People unfamiliar with cooking are turning too YouTube videos for help”, the Author’s Purpose was to inform the reader of the rising trend of people watching cooking videos on YouTube. The text proves this when it shows how online cooking videos are getting increasingly popular. You can also tell this when the author mentions one of the channels they mention is “Tasty” which has now over 500,000 subscribers. These are people like Will Matson, they watch the videos very frequently.