December 9


What do I want to be.a veterinarian.and why is because I can’t see animals sick;
Why do I want to be it.I always love animals my whole life.right now I have a dog name clowe and she is a nice dog but I want to help dogs like her.
What does it take to be it.I will mostly do anything I will train animals for my job or do anything other than that to.I will get four years for college.Then I’ll get doctor of veterinary medicine from a college.and then get which takes four years to get degree in college

October 23

Animals at Animal Kingdom

My family and I visited Animal Kingdom. My favorite ride was the Flight of Passage in Pandora. It was like our Google Expeditions using virtual reality without the glasses.  It was amazing! When the whales splashed you could feel the water. You could fly. You could feel the heartbeat of the Banshee.

We went on a safari in Africa and we saw all kinds of animals that live in Africa. My favorite Animal was the giraffe. Their necks and heads were sticking out of the bushes.

At night we saw a light show – Festival of Lights – on the lake.

October 4

PA farming



             The most important livestock is a cow because they produce a lot of milk.So        pennsylvania provide Beef Cattle.Chicken and eggs and hogs are





Greenhouse and nursery products like  flowers, bushes, trees, shrubs, and grass are the most important Mushrooms rank second producing   Apples grapes and peaches and strawberries are important fruit  and crops grow in pennsylvania.