Helping Others During The Pandemic, COVID-19

As almost everyone knows, coronavirus spawned in Wuhan, China after an unknowing man ate a bat. Many people had caught his sickness, and some of them were travelers. Those travelers then spread it to their families, etc. No, the virus has spread almost everywhere and we are all in lockdown to improve our chances of getting rid of COVID-19. But because many people are over-preparing by taking most food, toilet paper, and general sanitation supplies.

Many people have not been able to get the things they need because of this, so many people are looking for a safe way to help. But, helping is getting harder. Just sending people things without making sure it’s clean is a bad idea. What you may not know, there are people who aren’t affected by COVID-19 but still carry it. Other people may be obviously sick.

So how could you help out without getting anyone sick? One solution is to send your gifted items in the mail. Of course, before putting the items in the package, be sure to sanitize all of those things effectively as to not get the receiver sick. Another way to help is to text them places to go to get things. By scoping places out for them, you can help them figure out where to shop. Our final solution is to seek out food banks, or other shelters. They [provide you with the items you need.

Helping others is a commendable deed, especially now during this time of need. Try to find ways to help others, inside or outside of your family. Remember to stay inside, wash your hands, and social distance. Stay safe out there peeps, and peace.


The Pink Supermoon of April 2020!

As you know, we have been in quarantine for a while now. Due to this, many people are scrambling to find something to do. Some people play video games, exercise, or even watch movies. But there are some scientists that have been studying the moon. They have learned that the next supermoon will be tomorrow, and will be one of the brightest. The “pink” supermoon isn’t actually pink. The name comes from the color of the creeping phlox, a flower that grows during the full moon. This supermoon has many different names too. Things like egg moon and fish moon have popped up due to things that happen during spring. I am excited about the supermoon, are you

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