Summer Memories

I had a very fun Summer. We went to a lot of different places. But the place we visited the most was my cabin. I love our cabin because it is a getaway just for a weekend or something. We go there any weekend we aren’t doing something. There are a lot of people we know too. Our cabin is decorated in a beach theme. Most of the stuff is blue and white We have a beach near by and we go there a lot. Usually we have people come up with us too. We like to play in the creek, take bike rides, and go to the beach. We spend a lot of time there.

Middle School Nightmare

 Middle School Nightmare

By: Sydni, and Ella

My name is Ellie and I’m going into 7th grade. Today it is the first day of school. And I am bored out of my mind. I just moved and I don’t know anyone. It is almost time for lunch and I am starving. People keep saying that the food is horrible but it can’t be worst than my old school, we only had ham & cheese sandwiches and a  piece of fruit. This school has a salad bar and pizza and everything that anyone could imagine. The school is called SunShine Middle School. I like the name and so far it is how it sounds. Very colorful classrooms and lockers. Everyone is so cheerful. I don’t know that I can keep up. It seems like everyone is looking at me.   

It is lunch now and I don’t know what to get because there are so many choices. I finally just went to the salad bar. I didn’t know were to sit either, than the cheerleaders started waving their hands like they wanted me to sit with them. I started walking over but someone walked out from behind me and sat down with them. Lunch was almost over and I didn’t even start to eat because I didn’t know where to sit. Finally someone came up to me and said you can sit with me and my friends. I was shocked when she asked because whenever there was a new kid, no one wanted to sit with them at lunch at my old school.
       I just started to eat and it was time to go. And the teacher said that I could stay and finish my lunch.  I finished and started walking up to my classroom when I realized that I had no idea where that was. I walked up to a girl that was at her locker and asked her where room 155 was. She asked me what teacher was in that room. I told her Ms. White. She then walked me to the room. While we were walking she asked me what my name was and what grade I was in. I told her my name was Ellie and that I was in 7th grade. She said she was too and that we had study hall right now. She also told me her name was Grace. I thanked her and walked to my locker to get my stuff.

  I finally got my stuff and went to the classroom. By that time study hall was almost over. But it was ok because I didn’t have that much to do anyway. Next we went to Gym. We did dodgeball. We did it for like a half hour. Then it was almost time to go home and I was glad. This day was the longest thing ever, it felt like a whole year. When I got home my mom asked me if I wanted to stay at the school or go back to the school I would have gone to. I said that I wanted to stay. I didn’t really want to but I could not take it back. The year went fast after that, and I actually liked it.  

     So next up was 8th grade. It was going to be good I thought until Grace, who had been my best friend all year, moved. I got so sad that I didn’t want to go to school at all. But it was a brand new school year. And I had great teachers. So It has to be a good year. It was the first day and it all happened all over again I didn’t know where to start.


Why Puppy Mills Are Bad……….

Puppy Mills

   Something I boycott is puppy mills. In puppy mills they keep breeding dogs over and over just to sell the puppies. But the conditions in which the dogs live is harsh, they are not well taken care of.  According to,  “Puppy mills contribute to pet overpopulation and cause countless dogs lifetimes of suffering in squalid wire cages.” The website says that “In order to maximize profits, female dogs are bred at every opportunity with little-to-no recovery time between litters.”  Also that “Puppy mills usually house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization.” The females are forced to have litters until they can’t anymore. I love dogs and don’t think they should be treated this way so this is why I boycott puppy mills.


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How-to-post: How to Make an Earplug Holder

Today I’ll show you how to make an earplug holder (me and my friend made this up). All you need is paint,  decorations (which are optional), and a ribbon/string holder. I don’t know how to explain the ribbon/string holder. But if you want, I can make a post later showing you mine. So lets get started…….

This is VERY VERY simple. So take your string holder and cut a small triangle in the top part. That is going to be were the big part of the earplugs go. If you are not understanding, comment that you want me to make another post on this. Next is the easiest part.  Painting and decorating. You do not have to do this but I find it boring when it is plain brown. And you are done!


  Me and Kayla wrote a slide about archery. It’s on how to play it, a famous athlete, and other things. Before this, I had no clue what archery was. I thought you just simply pulled the bow back and released. By the way, the steps in here are the professional steps. So if you were going to start archery and learn how to do it by this, I wouldn’t recommend it. Hope you enjoy!

Kaylas blog: 

Current Events Post

I have many things happening right now, but the worst of it all is that my parents are in California while I have to stay here….. like always. Same when they went to Ireland, Spain, and pretty much any place you can think of. Why don’t we get to go? They went with our neighbors and claimed that it was for all of their birthday’s. But how am I supposed to believe that when their birthday’s AREN’T EVEN CLOSE TOGETHER! I think they just want to get away.  Plus they are going zip lining! The only good part is that I get to stay with my grandmas.

Besides that I have many other small things going on. I have indoor travel soccer on Wednesdays and I have foot sole on Sundays. Foot sole is like soccer but it has a weighted ball and is supposed to promote passing. I also have Girls on the Run. But that isn’t going on now, it is starting soon though. As you can see, I have some things going on.