CAPTAIN AMAZING! (3: The Universal Tournament)

When the ship landed on the space station, he jumped off and ran down a long hallway. When he reached the end of the hallway, he saw everyone was going into a room, so he followed them. “I have a bad feeling about this” thought Jerry. When he got into the room he saw it was like a stadium and everyone was taking seats, so he did to. He found a big tough alien with a good seat, so he picked up the alien, and through him out into space. Right as the alien left the stadium, a big dome closed around it. When the lights turned on, there was an alien with a big brain and a smaller thing next to him. Using his enhanced vision, he looked closer, and to his surprise, it was PHYSICAL! He shouted “Hello!”, but he was not heard because everyone in the stands were shouting at the top of their lungs. He looked around for a bit, and when he looked back at the center there was the same big, red alien with the long head. He thought to himself, “How is he alive? I saw PHYSICAL kill him!”, but it didn’t matter, because out of nowhere, a big monster-like alien was attacking PHYSICAL! Yet, like always, he destroyed him with little effort. The crowd roared at the sight of this, even though Jerry thought it was displeasing for these aliens to watch their best fighters get slaughtered like this. While PHYSICAL went through monster after monster, he had to fight the red guy. He punched him REALLY hard, but it seemed it only did little damage. Jerry was thinking about what would happen if PHYSICAL lost the fight. “Wait, if I don’t help PHYSICAL,” Jerry realized, “he could DIE!”


CAPTAIN AMAZING! (#2: The biggest thing he ever saw)

The day was Friday, September 22, and the City of San Diego was being destroyed by a giant spaceship, and America was in panic, just like one week before. When Jerry woke up that morning, people were banging on his apartment door, shouting things like “We need you!” and “Please help us!” When he was finally up and in his super-suit, he walked outside and flew away. When he reached were San Diego used to be, he said to himself, “That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” When it finally landed, he flew down and landed to. When he used his enhanced vision to see closer, he saw his inspiration, PHYSICAL, killing a small, plump, yellow alien with armor on. Then he shouted “Hello!”, but PHYSICAL didn’t here him. Soon after, a clone of the same alien appeared and, by the way their mouths were moving (Jerry is an amazing lip reader), he figured they said something about boarding the ship, and to his surprise, he was right! The giant spacecraft soared through the air away from earth. “I gotta catch up!” Jerry thought. So, using his power of flight, he took off after the giant spaceship. He held on tight, so that he didn’t fall off. All of a sudden, he was halfway across the universe in 2.3 seconds! “Now THAT,” said Jerry, “is the BIGGEST thing I have EVER seen!” He was talking about the giant space station right in front of them.


CAPTAIN AMAZING! (world’s 2nd strongest man)

A teenager, named Jerry E. Melone, woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. BRIIING, BRIIING, BRIIING!  “ALRIGHT! I’m up, I’m up.” he said, hitting the snooze button. ” Like my inspiration, PHYSICAL always says, “Another day, another death.” Jerry was always the “different kid” in the City of Metronopolis. He had, well, I don’t know how to say this, enhanced abilities, and with them he defended the city, and that is how CAPTAIN AMAZING was born. That day was like any other day in Metronopolis, until… BOOM! Suddenly, everyone turned on their T.Vs, and the news was on every channel. The news reporter was live, a few blocks away from the seen. “The terrorists have launched a missile attack on the world!” he said in a shaky voice. ” Their main targets are D.C; America, Moscow; Russia, London; England, and many more sites. Back to you.” Just as everything went into panic, a white figure was seen soaring through the sky. The figure was seen heading straight for the missile. Then, a man shouted “Look! It’s CAPTAIN AMAZING!” A woman then yelled “He’s here to save us!” The town erupted with cheers as Captain Amazing stopped the missle and sent it to space. Then, with his super-speed, he did the same to all the other missiles and sent them all to the same point, where they exploded in one giant ball of flames. The world erupted again with cheers to the man with god-like powers. Then, all of a sudden, he was gone. Now, not only did the city know his name, but everyone in the world! When he landed, he ran into a bathroom, changed into his normal teenage clothes, and walked out, feeling like anyone else would. As he was walking home, he saw a man with one leg flying through the air. “Oh good grief,” he said, “another person to fight”, and with that, he flew to the seen. While he was flying to the place the man came from, he sensed something. What he sensed was something he had not sensed since… “No, it couldn’t be,” he said, “the last time I sensed this great amount of energy, I was with my inspiration, PHYSICAL.” Then, as he flew over a hill, he saw them. There were two men fighting in the land below. One looked more human than the other one, and when he turned on his enhanced vision, he saw it was his inspiration, PHYSICAL! The other one had a long, red head, and looked more like something from “Close Encounters With the Third Kind” than anything else, so he assumed it was an alien. Then when he was about to go say hello, the ground began to shake, and he felt like, the area was being destroyed!


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To me, peace is a world without hate, without war, without sickness, and without death. What if there was a world like this, without all the things I just said. It would be joy, peaceful resolution, outstanding health, and eternal life. It would be awesome, trust me.

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