January 11

The Magical Cave

There was a time when there was a magical cave and nobody discovered it. then 7 months later there were three girls. there names were sky  reese and lindy. were walking there 2  huskies and 1 doberman pinscher.  they were on a dirt road with a lot of bumps and rocks. then they saw a cave and they said we will go in the cave when we drop off are huskies at the pet daycare .reese, said also we have dresses and pumps . they went home they got shorts and hiking shoes on they were so excited then they all three brought a huge backpack and sleeping bag so they could sleep there then they realized they have to walk 3 hours they wear so devastated but they went anyway. 2 hours letter the girls got to this public pool that looked abandoned sky said we must be close then 1 hour later they got there reese and sky were scared but lindy was not she was the bravest of reese and sky so of course lindsay went in first lindy said ok i will go in first so they went in it was a really deep cave reese and sky was holding on so tightly they were so scared then they saw a light sky reese and lindsay ran to it but it was just the other side of the tunnel but when they left a rock stumbled dawn and there was the magical cave. They had a sleepover at sky’s house lindsay said didn’t that rock look weird sky and reese said yeah then reese said hey what if we go back but with sky’s brother and dad so they can maybe help us move it sky said no my brother will not come he is too busy playing that ps4 lindy said will your dad help sky said not he is watching if the pittsburgh penguins wins lindy said oh well i’m crossing my fingers for them to win sky sighed reese said oh i have an idea i have 3 brothers there names are jason nathan and brian and my dad they can help too if that is ok with you guys sky said yes we will go and ask your three brothers and dad. So they went to resses house then they asked her brothers and guess what they said NO they asked her dad he said no then there was lindsey she had 17 brothers and sisters and her mom and her dad. they went and asked them  guess what liny said may you come on a hike with me and my friends and of course they said` yes  said……. YES so then they had to pack water food and the hardest part was that they had to walk 3 hours they were not up for this but they kept on going.then it was 2 hours later they were so exhausted they decided to sit down sky said i brought 30 games we could play all of lindy’s family members said YAY! There really excited so they all brought a little cushion to sit on during the games. Then 25 min later they were sleeping. Sky set an alarm on her iphone 7. Then the alarm went off they all woke up they said 5 more min just 5 more min pls sky said no we only have 1 hour left so let’s go.1 hour later…yes finally we got hear sky said as  the others pouted look look do you see that big rock do you think you can move it for me lindy and reese but the others said can we just sit for second or 2 sky said no now please all the rest said OK so


they went to push it wial sky was on her phone one of lindy’s bothers said WHAT THAT IS NOT FAIR. then of hours of pushing the finally pushed it out of the way they saw a lot of gold and a pegasus flew out and a unicorn came out too and they were rich


This is rease


This is lindy




This is fefe reese’s dog


This is milky sky’s dog  


This is sky


This is lindy’s dog lizzie


This is the gold they found in the cave


And this is the pegasus that flew out


When they got home they showed sky’s and lindy’s parents they were so rich they could buy anything. Guys I think we should put this back said lindy. No I don’t want to were so rich right now lindy don’t you see said sky. I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE MONEY WHAT IF IT WAS SOMEONE’S and SOMEONE COULD BE LOOKING FOR THAT AND  WE DID NOT KNOW THEY COULD BE LOOKING FOR IT RIGHT NOW said lindy. Reese wanted to stay out of it she was too frightened until the girls got a little mean. Then she started to yell she said. I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS I’M DONE said reese. Then she went home and got her laptop and started to watch youtube and eat some chips. Then after 2 weeks they meet up again they said there apologies and hugged it out. Then the next day they heard  a thud  it was sky’s brother with 12,0000 dollars in his hand and sky got angry she said.PUT MY GOLD DOWN NOW.She was screaming her head off. Sky i think this gold is tearing us apart  and also making you go crazy  said lindy. Lindy starting to fall asleep on the floor with her dog lizzie cuz she was up all night guarding the gold for sky she did not want to let her down because then she thought that she would yell at her if she did not she was frightened by sky. Then it was night sky reese and lindy heard a little knock on the door it was so quiet they laughed then they hear the tiniest voice ever it said I WANT MY GOLD BACK NOW it sounded like a smurf lindy called sky and sky called reese sky sounded so scared she said to reese omg he is coming for me i have his gold then the little voice said in a mean voice IF YOU GIVE ME MY GOLD I WOULD HURT YOU then lindy and reese got to sky’s house they saw the little guy they were frightened too the little man started running up to them then HE KIDNAPED THEM sky called lindy  then she called reese but they never answered then she called reese again and reese answered but it was not reese it was the little guy he said  NOT GOING TO HURT YOU OR YOUR FRIENDS BUT GIVE ME MY GOLD. sky started shouting no no i will not then the little guy hanged up then sky said ugh omg i don’t want to give him the gold she hopped in the car and started driving OMG OMG i can’t believe this i’m so scared okay okay sky calm down so sky headed off and followed the little mans little green car. Then after awhile they finally got to lil man’s cottage then as she was approaching she had a bag and she suffocated the lil man as the girls were tied down sky cut them loose lindy and reese was so excited than ever before to see their best friend sky then sky drove them home they reese and lindy slept  the whole ride back home then we watched a little movie before bed  it was elves and the chipmunks, then we hear a little nock on the door                    


To be continued…..


Written by Erin Westrick                                                                       


December 28



Owning a pet takes directorship and devotion.

       Also having a little sibling takes fidelity.

If you’re not getting what we are trying to hint,     

we are describing a word called “Leadership.

       By: Karen Erin Nathan





  1. the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
  2. “different styles of leadership”
  1. synonyms:
  • guidance, direction, control, management, superintendence, supervision; More
  • the state or position of being a leader.
  • “the leadership of the party”
    • synonyms:
  • directorship, governorship, governance, administration, captaincy, control, ascendancy, supremacy, rule, command, power, dominion, influence
  • “the leadership of the Coalition”
  • the leaders of an organization, country, etc.
  • plural noun: leaderships
  • “a change of leadership had become desirable”