TV Trouble

Once upon a time, in a small town, in a small house, with a small family, there lived a TV.  The TV was frustrated because the family had been talking about getting a new TV.  The TV tried its best to change their minds, but as the days went by, they still wanted to get a new one.  Eventually they got a brand new 74 inch TV.  They put the old one in the attic.  Luckily, the old TV was friends with the dog, and they made a deal:  If the dogs destroys the new TV, then the old TV would tell him where the dog treats are, so when the TV heard a crashing sound, he was very happy.  The people hadn’t been home, so the dog closed himself into the bathroom so that they thought that it had just fell, which they did.  In the end, the dog got the treats and the TV got back.  THE END

Hatchet Next Step

So far in the story, “Hatchet”, Brian’s Mom gave him a hatchet.  He was then going to his Dad’s place in a plane, but then crashed because the pilot had a heart attack.  Luckily, he survived.  Though he survived, he has cuts and bruises all over.  To add to that, he was also covered in a “cloak” of biting bugs, and is now all swollen and itchy.  He is tired and confused, and does not know what to do next.

I predict that he will find food next.  He could find fruit, but I think he’s going to have to do something else.  He is going to go fishing.  Using some debris from the plane, he could make a hook.  Using vines of some sort could be the line.  He could use a long stick for the pole.  Then he’s got a fishing rod.  After, he can find some bugs or worms and fish!!!

Spring and Fall

Here are some similarities and differences between Spring and Fall.  Spring is usually flooding with green. Unlike Spring, fall is usually red, orange, yellow and brown.  Leaves will start falling during Fall, instead, new leaves form during Spring. Although Spring and Fall are so different, they are also the same.  In both seasons, it rains a lot. Both are moderate temperatures, and bothe have a Holiday with candy. These are the many similarities and differences of Spring and Fall.