Chapter 1: A Special Message



One day in Hollowtown Kate was walking to her best friend, Summer’s house, to work on a science project about the human brain that was due in two weeks.  She walked and walked until she got to Summer’s house.


When Kate got to the front door she did their secret knock and waited for an answer.  “Come in Kate!,”  yelled Summer, “It’s unlocked!”


Kate walked into Summer’s huge house.  She saw Summer trying to gait her dog, Hazel, into the kitchen.  When Summer was done, both friends walked upstairs into Summer’s room.


When they got upstairs into Summer’s room, Kate started complaining.  “It’s hot in here!”  She complained.  


“Let me open a window,” replied Summer.


“Thats better,” they both said at the same time.


Just as they were getting started on the project, a paper airplane flew through the opened window.  It landed on top of Summer’s bunkbed, Summer went to go get it.


“It’s a note!”  Summer said surprised.  


“Well, what are you waiting for?  Read it!” Kate said excitedly.  


“Ok,” says Summer.


I am inviting you two to come to Summer’s attic at dusk so you can have a dream job as dream monitors, please try to come at dusk or 5 and less minutes after dusk starts, or I may not be there.  Come today or else you may not get the job, For this is a very important and special job , and you were the best people I could find for the it.  

      -The Dream Sprite


“Wow”, says Summer, “Can you please keep track of time Kate?”  


“Yes”, Kate replies.


At dusk the two friends unlocked the attic door, and went up the stairs to the very cold attic.  Once they got up there they saw something amazing, extraordinary, out of this world, a real live sprite!


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