11 days till Christmas

Every year my family and I go to a park that has a  big big big hill to go sledding, I don’t like going back up it. Our family and our neighbors go there together. last year we tied a rope to a pole and then to the bottom so we can pull ourselves up if it to slippery! It’s really fun! One years I almost broke back trying to do a flip on my sled!!! I was at the bottom of the hill on the ground flat for a couple minutes! So that’s a story about last year on our sledding trip!


I really don’t know what career I want to do. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, but if you think about it you might have to deal with wild misbehaving kids sometimes, for 6 hours a day, for 182 days. That’s about 1,092 hours. Thank Mrs. Tran for being a great teacher. I have some other ones in my head but they are like side jobs, and you don’t get paid. Ok I might want to be a counselor. I want to be a counselor because I want to be like Mrs. R and the concealer I go to. The counselor I go to gets paid $100 an hour. And be the child’s parents not from his boss, and a lot of his weeks are booked. $100 is one of the lowest you have to pay. So I could only think of two plus side jobs but maybe I’ll go for the counselor job. Maybe it will change in the future.

My Easter Week!

Hi i’m Kaleigh, on Easter vaccination I played out side sometimes and played on my DS (I Played a lot). another thing I did was watched TV. On day my mom came home and said she wanted to take me and my brother to the park. we were in our pj’s still in the afternoon. We were all so exited to go. I said if we want to go really badly we should herry then. It was windy and cold. We played for 45 min. When Easter came I wear a dress with sparkles on it and high heels. Then after Easter I went to my Grandmam’s and my Grandpop’s house. My Uncial Bill was there and my Aunt Jeny was there. Oh and my Uncial Gary was there OH and my Great Grandmom was there! I had lots of fun! Some people were funny! So that was my Easter week!

Free Write Friday: In The Snow

I love snow!!!!!!!!!! What I like to do in snow is make snowman’s.  Oh and eat snow ah eat snow because I like snow…(NOT LIKE SNOW LOVE SNOW) Make snow angels. AND BEST OF ALL IS SLEDDING. I’ll make a hill and sled down it. OH, and the best thing I like of all IS MAKING,(drum roll please) SNOW CAVES. If you are asking. It is when you find a hill big as you hand. Dig a hole in so it can  fit you hand in. That is what a snow cave is. And now you know why I LOVE SNOW. GOOD-BYE!

What I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for God. God was the one that made us. If he was not born we would not be here and living. I’m thankful for my dad. He is funny and he lets me run with him. But now because it is getting cold so I do not want to go run in the cold so I exercise instead. I’m thankful for my mom. She is kind and loving. I’m thankful for my house. My house keeps me worm, and protects me from rain and snow and also thunderstorms. I’m thankful for food. So I do not get hungry. I’m thankful water. So I don’t get thirsty. That is what i’m thankful for!


What I Did On Saturday

On Saturday I had a race. A girl on the run race. And I did good. I think?! I ran with my dad and I did stop 2 times but I still finished. Oh, I forgot to write this in the beginning I ran a 5k race. A 5k is 3 miles and it was vary hard because of the hills. There was a lot of them and when there is a hill there is a down hill some times. I think I past like 600 people in the race. On Saturday was a big race. That is what I did on Saturday.

Fourth Grade Rats



Morton did good things but Joey did bad things. But Joey wants Morton to be a rat to. Then joey stops being a rat, but then Morton is now a rat and he said no to his mom. You should not say no to your mom at all because it is not nice to say that. Then Joey and his mom came to Morton’s house and his mom said that Joey had something to say to Morton.

Joey had to say sorry to Morton because he was doing things to Morton. The lesson was you should not be a rat, or you might get in trouble.