May 26

Alien Visitor

Alien Visitor

By:Joey Wallace


“I am an alien and I am here to check out your planet!”

I saw many things on earth young alien friends I’ve found so many things it going to be hard for me to describe each one but i’ll give it my best and give it a try. Here are the things i’ve found on this planet called Earth. I found this stuff called water, cars, humans, different stores, houses with strange creatures in them (humans), pets that humans have, Candy, Wildlife,Tape, and kids and teens.


Now I know everyone it’s a lot to take in it is a lot of things that is on this planet Earth and they are all interesting looking especially the kids and teens they look the weirdest but the coolest. Then there is this stuff called candy and man what I saw humans eat this stuff like it’s their life then they seem to be doing this thing called being hepper. Then there animals man them things look scary but humans must think the cutest thing alive to us they look really, really scary. Also there this place I saw with lots of teens hanging out at this place called the mall the seem to buy lots of snacks and candy too. One more thing all my alien friends there’s these big structures that are called houses and the humans live in them and they seem to love their house the houses are quite expensive but them seem to be big and beautiful and they seem like a nice place to live. So My alien friends do you want to move to earth I do as the commander of all you guys so let’s take a vote…

May 26

How does the encounter with the Nazi soldiers on the way home from school affect Annemarie?

Ryan: Blue


Joey: Lime Green


Annemarie encounter with the Nazi soldiers changed Annemarie life because when Annemarie got ellen as a pretend sister it probably was hard for her because she never had to do that, and because the soldiers were very strict and mean to her and her pretend sister. Annemarie was very brave to do that.


Also this encounter could be good to Annemarie because Ellen is her best friend and now they pretend to be sisters so they could be even more than best friends now and get through life together and who wouldn’t want to have a best friend with them through some of their life. and Annemarie is probably happy to help her best friend Ellen.


If I was in that situation It would make me feel very nervous. I would be nervous because the soldiers are very mean, and strict. I would also be nervous because I would not want the soldiers to find out that Ellen is a Jew.


May 20

-What Makes A Good Family?- Week 9 Blog Challenge

So the question is what makes a good family?

Well there are 3 reasons of the question what makes a good family 1. Having a good family bond.

2. Having family love you and care about you. 3. having family look after you.

So the first thing I bring up is having a good family bond it it good to have this because if you didnt have a good family bond then when would you ever get along with family members and love ones.

So the second thing I bring up is that your family should love and care for each other. And that like the number 1 rule to having a good family because if a family member doesnt love you what you think your going to love them back  No! your not going to like them, so you have to love someone to make them love you back and care caring is the best comfort.

And my last reason to having a good family is family looking after you, and looking after other family member. Family members always have to know you got there back thats why they love you and care about you because you always got their backs if anything happens Anything…

May 20

-A Global Issue You Would Want To Help Solve- Week 9 Blog Challenge

A global issue I would want to help solve is world hunger, World Hunger started as far back as the 1750. And sadly most World Hunger situations happen in Africa. I would like to help to solve world hunger because everyone deserves to eat something for breakfest, lunch, and dinner. Plus people who dont eat starve I would never want to see anyone starve  Plus without food you could get dieases bad ones too and you could most likely die from these dieases. These are some reasons why I think world hunger is a global issue and I would want too solve it.

April 12

Week 5 Blog Challenge- Picture Instead Of Words

St John's Church, Henley-in-Arden - clockCreative Commons License Ellio                                                                                                                                SiaCreative Commons License Nefci via Compfightthe dream car (London)Creative Commons License Kai Lehmann [thank you for 675k views :-D] via Compfight
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April 8

Week 4 Blog Challenge- Where I Would I love To Visit

Where would i want to visit I would like to visit Australia. I would like to visit Australia because I have gotten a few comments from Australia and it seems Australia is a really cool place because I have some friends from Australia and I usually skype them but maybe I would like to see them in real life by visiting Australia plus there some cool things Australia but that’s where I would like to visit thanks for listening HAPPY WRITING! 😀


March 29


“Boom”! out of no where a package lite the door ” I don’t remember ordering a package” , I say. So I get a pair of scissors cut all the tape off  and there was a little package of seed’s just only, a little package of seed’s “Cmon” I exclaimed. I pick up the package f seed’s and the instructions were, “open it and think a lot of the stuff but mostly money came to my head so when I was done I had a Bunch of money I would say a easy 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion dollars). And My thing I’m wondering about is man I got this out of a pack of just a little pack of seed’s.

March 23

How can drama help you better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters?

How can drama help you better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters?



Drama can help you better understand the feelings by explaining it more even though its drama. They would also help the story by makes it have mixed feelings and lots and lots of drama.


Also Drama can help the story be much better because it adds mixed feelings to the book or story you are reading and the characters have feelings it makes the book much better so that’s one way drama can help a story.  


Another way Drama can help you better understand the story is that when there is drama in a story it gets you farther into the book and then it helps you get closer to the end with all the mixed feelings. Drama also helps it by giving it more excitement to the story and making the reader want to continue reading. Without drama a book would not be exciting to read and it would be very boring to read.


March 22

–Jack In The Beanstalk–

“Wow”  found it Jack’s beanstalk it took me quite a few years. I want to climb it but something tells me I shouldn’t but I do it anyways it is about 2 miles up it took me a good 37 minutes then I was there it was amazing ,It looks like heaven on a beanstalk I didn’t want to run into the castle yet so I went exploring and I Found This humongous sliding board and it was huge and i mean huge maybe 7 miles I was going to later I wanted to explore more so I walk and walk then I see the most gigantic most lovely looking castle in my life. I also saw a huge footprint leading to the castle I’m up for an adventure so I go into the castle keeping my chin up high and I see Jack he’s about 2000 feet tall and he’s sleeping snoring like the loudest chimpanzee in the world. I climb up onto this bed go onto his head and flicked him the nose. That didn’t work so I opened his mouth a little and kicked him his tooth he woke up and screamed ,I was in a heap of trouble.