April 27

Trout in the classroom, how their being in the tank

After a while the little fish grow up a bit more they was fry but now their fingerlings and if u wanna know how they survive being small? well i will tell you, First the trout gotta try to hide from predators so they more likely stay at the bottom of the river and they come at the surfish around night time cause less likely to be eaten and the brook trout have parrmarks (spots, stripes maybe more) and each parrmark is different like us people have different fingerprints like tigers have different stripes and like zebras, so u can tell which one is witch, and the trout is kinda dark on the top and white on the bottom to survive in a river or ocean. They can sense if rain or some kind of weather is coming so they will stay at the bottom of the river or mabe around the bottom of a ocean and they probably gulp a pebble or a little rock to be heavy and stay at the bottom of the river or ocean or where ever the trout are and when they think it’s ok to go back around to the surfish the trout will throw up the pebble or a little rock back into the water.

December 15

I Survived The Titanic


                   by Olivia Vetterlein    

There was a ship named Titanic that me and my pet dog were on. My pet’s name was Buddy and my name was Olivia. Buddy was a husky, the year was 1912, and i’m 17 years old. It was getting dark, and Buddy was whimpering at night. when I woke up there was cold wind coming from the open window in the room. I got up and closed the window. Buddy was at the door wagging his tail. I put Buddy’s collar on then we went out the door. We walked down some steps and into a big room with lots of people eating and talking. I mean talking loud!! Then I got some food for me and Buddy. When we ate all the food on our plates, Buddy and I went back to our room. When I opened the door to our room Buddy jumped up and landed on the bed, got a  map and tried to find the Atlantic Ocean I found it but I saw this ship has a long way to go to New York City. Put the map away looked out window. “hmmm it’s getting darker and darker. (screamed) AHHHHH! Then, Buddy got up from his nap and jumped next to me. hmm isn’t it still morning (looks at clock) OOOO 8:07 AM!! Gets book (reads) (if the sky is dark and it’s morning something is coming!) then I said to Buddy” let’s get our minds off this mess” so we did. Me and Buddy played ball then we played other games then went downstairs to have lunch then went to another room. It was the giant bathroom me and Buddy went in a tub. Then dinner came. We both ate then bed time came. Buddy slept together. In the middle of the night, I woke up same as Buddy. We were on the ground. The air was freezing Then, I got up and helped Buddy up. I looked out the window I saw a huge iceberg. The ship crashed into that iceberg. I grabbed Buddy and threw the door open and ran downstair. I ran to the deck, then I put Buddy down. Then the ship tipped to the left, then Buddy went sliding to the end of the ship! I ran and grabbed Buddy’s tail and pulled him back on deck. Buddy licked my face then we ran to a empty little boat, but then the ship tipped over. I went sliding over to the end, and then the Titanic snapped in half. Buddy, jumped, grabbed a rope from the little boat we were about to go in. Then Buddy threw the rope at me and I grabbed it just in time. Buddy pulled hard and fast, then Buddy got me on the sinking deck. We ran to the last little boat. Buddy jumped in I put the rope in the boat. I pushed the boat with Buddy in cold, icy water. Then I jumped in it just in time. I grabbed the oars then started paddling I watched the Titanic sink! The rescuers came a few days later and saved me and Buddy. THE END

November 29

The world of a nice Werewolf

Once upon time there was a crss going on, one day a wolf was born and she got the crss, when she grew up she turned into a werewolf, so she went to find some food but then she heard hunters, the werewolf jumped behind a rock (crouching low) she sniffed the air, traps and hunters filled the air, without thinking she ran away but the then she ran right in a trap, she looked everywhere but all she could see was trees and animals she sniffed again the scent of hunters came closer and closer… without knowing someone putted her in a cage then in a truck some other animals was in there too, all scared, then the big thing the animals and  the werewolf was in started to move. The werewolf talked to the other animals, the last word the werewolf said was i will help you guys get out before it’s too late, then the werewolf pounded on the cage until she could get out, when she did got out of the cage she used a claw and unlocked all the animals then the werewolf pushed the truck’s back doors open then all the animals that was in the truck jumped out the werewolf was the last one to jump out when she did jump out she ran straight back in the woods, she found some food then grabbed the food with her mighty teeth then went back home.                                                      THE END

October 26

The dinosaur kingdom

In the middle of the earth, dinosaurs came back the kingdom of dinosaurs is back fighting came back in the world no more peace full time in the middle of the earth. The long neck dinosaurs found a nesting place so did the other dinosaurs. But the spinosaurus did not want little amount of food so the spinosaurus went out To Hunt all the dinosaurs… so people found out of the dinosaurs still alive so they made a dinosaur kingdom people worked hard binding a park were people can see dinosaurs, people cout most of the dinosaurs but they didn’t have a chance against the spinosaurus so lets say the big deadly spinosaurus hunted the people who tried to catch him, but when the spinosaurus came to the dino forest, spino found a t-rex so they fote, spino bit rexy the t-rex bit spino and pushed spino in the water… And then a giant crocodile ate the spinosaurus in surprise. You probably think the t-rex found more targets well he did THE TARGET OF THE MOSTFUL T-REX IN THE IN THE  WORLD so lets say they fote in a battle for nothing guess who won the t-rex not the most power full one.

October 16

Cats Vs Dogs

There was 10 cats and 11 dogs, the cats home was in a treehouse it was big for a treehouse though, the dogs home was in a mansion. one of the cats climbed out of the tree to find food but one of the dogs saw the cat then he began barking to let the others know that a cat is coming towards them all the dogs started running towards the cat, the cat ran and climbed up a pine tree the dogs stacked up on each others they caught the cat the cat scratched all the dogs when they got down (:the cat’s name was lucky:)he raced back to the treehouse and screaming HELP ME he opened the door then quietly closed it he raced up to his bedroom huffing and puffing he toed the other cats that we have to battle so all the cats putted armor on them then they all started running to the dogs giant home all meowing in horror then the dogs came out then they all attached. Lucky jumped high in the air then landed on a bulldog the bulldog kicked and rolled over but he did not get that sneaky lucky the cat finally the battle was over looks like more dogs got hurt then cats so you know who won the cats!!!!!