In the passage Eleven, the author talks about their birthday and turning Eleven. The author does not want to be Eleven, she wants to be one hundred and two. She wants to be one hundred and two because then she will know why she didn’t answer Mrs. Price when she asked her about the red sweater and why she didn’t speak up in class. If I had to pick any age too be I would definitely be thirty-five because then I would have almost all of the rights of an adult. I could drive, vote, and even run for president. Those were just somethings that I would have the power to do but there is way more. What age would you like to be?

-Gwen Varley

One thought on “Eleven…

  1. Hi Gwen!
    Star: I like that you said there is ways more things you can do.
    Wish: I wish you added more about you being 35.
    Wonder: I wonder what you would look like!
    -Karis 🙂

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