May 17

The weard girls and boys part 2 the end.

But then god said”,I will have to decide on the thing weather I should do it or not I will pick……………Should because they want to be together again.”So then the earth is back to normal and have a fun day and the king and queen.


   The end!


So then the king and queen are together again.Now the king and queen forgive each other then the king and queen and in love like they use to from the bad to the good things.


May 17

Lilla Sun

Hi my name is ”Lilla Sun”.I have 7 families.I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters plus me.I’m 18 years old and i’m in 16th  grade and it is spring.I have 3 cute little puppies.The 1st one name is Sky,The 2nd one name is Lillia and the third one is what we are we going to get tomorrow and I can’t wait to name it lillyn!and my mom went to work my dad is a teacher in 4th grade our 2 brothers and 2 sisters stay in my cousins once we are done school and tomorrow we are going to get a puppy.It’s morning!and it is the weekend today.

So then I have to eat my breakfast go in the car with my mom.Once we got here I found the exact same one.So then I named it Lillyn.So then we buy it for 12.00$ and we need 3 cages  they cost 1.00$ and it is so cute for them but medium and it stills fit for them.Once we were done we pay for it our cost to pay for them cost $5.08 and our change was $7.00.We went to the car and went home and I just say to them meet our new puppy name Lilyn my brother and sister said that he is so cute

April 26

the werd boy and girls part 1

The weird girls and boys

                     by:Gouger Vang

In 24 weeks later……..girls and boys are separate the school apart because they don’t stick together forever this is going to be a bad story enjoy!

            Chapter 1: girls and boys bad news.Once a while girls have been giving birth to babies allot the king and queen had decide to separate them into a half of girl and half of a boy.”The king and the queen said that I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU!in a jinks word.So then the earth was split in half and never get to see them again.”And I will give you the answer.Once they said I don’t want to see you then the earth start to break apart in different state and country let me tell you which one is which the state is for the queen and the king gets the country.They enjoy but the king and queen wish that “I wish that we can come back together”.   

February 4

A magical unicorn part 1

A magical unicorn       by :Gouger vang                                                          

                 Long ago there were 20 magical unicorn but some of them left and there were one king and queen and 5 unicorns all ready so the fest of them went to the mission.

And you will found how many went on a missing.

 Enjoy the story.                                              


       Chapter 1     first day!!

“It was time for them to school”.mom unicorn said.”Okay!said the unicorns.So they went to school and went to there classroom the 1st one is in Mrs.swan,the 2nd one was in Mr.Konner,the 3rd one is in Ms.Yoyo,the 4th one is in Mr.Hennry,the 5th one is in Miss.Lial. So they all enjoy their first day of school.When it was lunch they eat grasses.When there are done they have play time.

What do you think what happens next?

February 1

My career

I want to be a vet.


I want to be a vet because,I like cats and maybe dogs to.I like my stuff animals they make me happy I always like to take care of them.Sometimes my mom say Gouger time to eat dinner then I say okay.when i’m done eating I take care of them again until it is night day I do homework like LA and math.then I go to sleep with them.


That is the reason why I like to be a vet.