November 7

A New World (Chapter Two: Alive

By: Owen and Jace                               (If you haven’t read Chapter One read it first or else you’ll be confuse)


Owen’s mother and brother were heartbroken when they heard the news. But His friends weren’t because they knew he wasn’t dead. They wouldn’t stop looking until they found him. So Jace,Jackson and Josh all went out looking for him after school. They were in the woods while it was pouring outside. It was really late and they heard somebody walking behind them. They shine their flashlight over to where they heard the footsteps and there was a girl and on here arm was Violet.


They took Violet to Jace’s house and asked her a bunch of questions. She didn’t answer any of them except for one, “Do you know Owen” Jace says. Violet responds “Yes, he’s in the other world”. Nobody could understand what the other world was. So violet showed the other world. She took DOOMED the board game and flipped it upside down and she said “this is the other world”. “How do we get there” Jackson asked. Violet shook her head left and right. “What do you mean” asked Jace. She didn’t respond. “Is Owen still alive” Josh asked. “Yes”


    To Be Continued…

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