November 7

A New World (Chapter Three: Talking with a new world)

By: Owen and Jace

(If you haven’t read 1,2 then read them first or else you’ll be confused)


Jace, Jackson and Josh were all happy about that. Jace asked “Is there any way we can talk to him” Violet pointed to DOOMED. They open it up and asked Violet how they talk to Owen. Violet said “Ask him yes and no questions two spaces is yes and one space is no” They all finally understanded how to talk to Owen. So Jace asked the first question. “Owen are you here” It went two spaces. Jackson had a question. “Are you safe” It went one space. Josh had the final question. “What do we do” Owen sent a message to Violet to tell them and Violet said “RUN”. They saw something coming out of the wall and they ran out the backdoor. They kept looking at the thing it looked like an alien that had sharp teeth. And looked like it was going to kill them. Until Violet flew it into the sun and it disappeared. Jace screamed “How did you do that”  She didn’t respond. They went back to Jace’s house, everybody was shocked. They didn’t speak at all. They ask Violet what that thing was. She said “It belongs in the other world”. “Is that thing going to get Owen” Jackson asked “Yes”. We need to get to Owen first then everybody thought. “Violet how do we get there” Jace asked “I’ll open it” Violet says.

       To Be Continued…   

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