November 7

A New World (Chapter One: Missing)

 By: Owen and Jace

Once there was 4 kids. Owen,Jace,Josh and Jackson and they were all best friends and loved to play this one game call DOOMED. And one time it was nighttime and they were all just leaving Jace’s house. So they all left, and Owen was riding his bike home and he crashed and fell into the woods and something took him and was never to be seen again.


So Owen’s mom gets home from work and she was worried because she couldn’t find Owen until Owen’s brother said “he probably stayed over at Jace’s last night” So Owen’s mom felt a little better until she called Jace’s parents and found out that Owen didn’t sleep over there last night. So Owen’s mom called the cops to try to find Owen.


The cops were searching and searching but they couldn’t find him. So the cops stopped looking for him because they didn’t find him, they thought he was dead. Until Owen’s mom Begged and begged. So then the cops decided to look for him one more time. But that was it. So the cops went back out to find him but they couldn’t, until they went to this one lake and found something floating. They ran to the thing in the lake and it was owen’s dead body.


     To Be Continued…  





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