May 25

See Ya Blog Challenge, Till Next Year Week 10 Blog Challenge

I have 52 post in total, and have 29 of those are school based post. I have 66 comments in total but the most comments on a post is my Stephen Curry biography because I think that Steph Curry is really famous and he is like by 75% of the world. I like writing the Unlucky Fortune because it’s with 3 of my friends and it is fun to write. Check out my friends blogs at Luke’s Blog, Jackson’s Blog, and Connor’s Blog. I didn’t change my blog theme at all because I liked the background and it just fit me. I have 17 widgets and I think that it is too many because some of the widgets I don’t even need for my blog. But I think they look cool so that’s why I keep them. I have 277 oversea visitors and most of them are from USA. I have 8 web tools and I used google slides, powtoon, toondoo and powerpoint. Well that’s all and I hope to be in the student blog challenge next year, BYE!!!