May 17

The Legend About Light and Dark


By: Owen

One day a long time ago there was light and dark and they were separated from each side of the earth, but one day they came to each others side to take over each other’s side, so there they were fighting, the Light and Dark to see if there is 24 hours of dark or light or 8 hours of dark and light. And out of nowhere the sky starts talking “ Guys stop fighting! We are going to have a competition to see if there will be more light or dark.” So they both agreed and they were suppose to be here tomorrow at 8:30 sharp.


The next day came and they were ready to do this competition. So the sky spoke and said  there challenge “ The challenge is to create a symbol and make it useful in the world, on your marks get set go!” So the light created this painting called the sun, the dark created the painting called the moon. So then they came to life and the sun and the moon said, “Thank you for letting us out and it was all a trick and the sky helped us out.” So the light and the dark were so frustrated with the sky that they teamed up and took on the sky and sun, “But what about the moon” exclaimed sun. “I’m on the light and dark side” Said the moon.


So the moon and the sun fought with their powers that would send them far far away into the space. A couple days later they were still fighting and then the moon reached the top. He was gonna use his special power that sent them to another galaxy, so the moon used it on the sun and the sky and the moon opened the portal to the other galaxy and sucked the sun and sky right in but before they were sucked in the sun said “ I’ll get you three some day.” The moon use his last two powers to turn the light into the Sun and the Dark into the Moon. So he used it and the became the sun and the moon. Then the moon said “ Sun you will get 24 hours of day and Moon you will get 8 hours of night, then he randomly disappeared


                 2 Years later…


“I’m Baaack” the sun said

                          THE END!

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