April 11

Family! WeEk 5 BlOg ChAlLeNgE


My family is a really big group! I have 12 cousins, 5 uncle’s, 5 aunts, and 4 grandparents.  I have a really big family and a lot to write about, well here I go.


What I have to say first that us as a family that we all respect each other and care for each other.  So my family and I do a lot of stuff for every month and here’s what we do for the months. January we don’t do anything because it really snowy and we stuck at home, February we celebrate Valentine’s day by 3 birthdays and valentine’s day, March we don’t do anything, April we always have an adult easter egg hunt at legion if you want to come, May we don’t do anything, June is the best month ever because us all kids get out of school so then we can get our summer vacation on, July is amazing because we get to go down to Ocean City Maryland for about 1 week for the Fourth of July.


August is fun and bad at the same time. It’s my sister’s birthday and we get to go to Ocean City Maryland again, and the worst part about it that we have to go back to school and no more summer vacation, September is my favorite month because it’s my birthday and my dad’s and his twin’s birthday it’s also my two cousins and my aunts birthday. We go to Shady Maple to celebrate all those birthdays, October is where we get the scary stuff and scare people, it’s one of my favorite holidays because all I do is scare people all day and prank, November is we come to my Nanny’s house and have a feast for ThanksGiving, December is when every single member of our family comes together and we have a big christmas party. We open all our presents and gifts before we play this one game. We always play this game where our nanny pulls out a ticket and a winner will come up and pick a bag, then the next person will go when they got their ticket pulled out and if they don’t like what they got then they can trade with the person that went before them. Then the person that went first can show everyone what they got.


Just my family travels a lot and we play a lot of sports. I play football and basketball, my brother plays lacrosse and he does wrestling, my sister plays basketball, lacrosse and volleyball. We love sports and playing them too. We travel a lot of places for tournaments or games. We had to go to Penn State for a tournament. My tournaments were all in reading and my brother plays at different schools. BYE!!