Week 7 World of Nature: Gracious Guide Dogs Extravaganza

       Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are dogs that help people with any problems they have like blindness. Most people call guide dogs seeing -eye dogs. People who are blind sometimes use guide dogs. Some types of guide dogs are Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and the most popular of them all Labrador Retriever. Guide dogs help lots of people like people in wheelchairs, people who can’t hear, etc

Color Blind

But even tho they are color blind they still can do a lot of things to help people. If a light is green or red it is hard to know for them witch one is stop and witch one is go. If it is a stop sign they don’t know what it is. The dog is based upon skills. So it sees the octagon and it knows to stop.

The benefits of owning a Guide dogs

Guide dogs good because they have good companionship, fun and they keep you safe. People who have guide dogs gained confidence in going around day-and -day life accompanied by a friend. It is very fun probably with a guide dog.dog-41431_1280




10 thoughts on “Week 7 World of Nature: Gracious Guide Dogs Extravaganza

  1. Kaylie that was a really good post. But be careful how you spell tho it’s though. I wish added more than just for people that were blind.

  2. Hi Kaylie I think it was a awesome post. I like that video you chose. I wished you could have told me would you want to be a guide dog. I wonder if dogs are also a favorite with cats? I also have a Bernese mountain dog. Visit my awesome Blog at burkholdz1q@student.elanco.org

    1. Thanks I like my video to. The story needed to be more informative so that is why I didn’t put that in there.

  3. Hey Kaylie, I love this article. Also I love the video. It was sooooooo cute ! Right now I’m loving paragraph 1. I also really like how you wrote the story in your own words, and not copying off the site you got your information from.

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