The Watsons Go to Brirmingham

In chapter 1 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, we learned about the Watson family who lives in Flint, Michigan during a very cold winter. The characters in the story are Mom, Dad, Joetta, Byron and Kenny who is the narrator. One of the conflict  is that there house is very cold because there is no heat and that leads to a fight with  Mom and Dad because Mom wanted to move to the south where its warmer. One of the problems is they had no heat and they called  there “Mean Aunt” to ask if they can stay there because she had a warm house and they don’t. Next, Dad asked them to scrape the ice off the car window so they can go to there aunts. Then, Byron kissed the mirror and got his lips stuck. So, Mom came out panicking and dad came out trying not to laugh. So they tried to put hot water on his lips and it made it worse. Then they had to rip it off and Byron ran inside and Momma ran after and she put vaseline on his lips.

All about my career.

My Career

By Cole.U


I what to be a plumber because I like to fix things and do stuff with water. And I like to help people and it will be a fun job.  You can get your hands dirty. You can go to different houses. You will know how to fix something at your own house. And that means that you do not have to call a plumber.You have to be strong and you need to repair pipes or toilets.

Share Table

Share Table

Cole Ulrich, Emma Felpel, Dominick Griffy, Josh Pizarro, Eddie Hawn, Symaria Egolf


What are you doing to help Global Goal 2? The 6th graders at New Holland Elementary (NHE) are trying to stop hunger. We desperately need your help, Mrs.Sneath, to help hungry children at New Holland Elementary. We believe sharing food with  hungry students helps reduce hunger. This would be our way to impact Global Goal 2 – Zero Hunger.

To begin, there are so many people hungry, yet there is so much food being thrown away in our cafeteria. A “Share Table” means that students can put extra food that they aren’t going to eat on a table for others to have. Not all food can be shared; only prepackaged and unopened food items. People can put food from the cafeteria on the “Share Table” and also packers can, too. Another important rule is that no nut products should be shared. Some students have nut allergies, so we have to keep the table safe for everyone. The “Share Table” not only helps those who are hungry, but it teaches the students at NHE about empathy.

Next, a “Share Table” is a great idea that will help children in need even though it will be a lot of work. Mrs. Sneath you have an amazing opportunity to help your beloved students with their most basic need: hunger.  We need you to decide which students will participate based on their level of need. If you don’t know which students should participate, we suggest that a form be mailed to families so they can decide whether or not they need more food. Having people sign up will help us make sure food isn’t wasted. In addition, only those who need more food will get it.  Students will only put food on the “Share Table” at lunch.  It will be saved and packed up at the end of the day.  We will put it on the table so it will be easy to pack it up. There are many kids that are really hungry at NHE. We believe this will help solve this problem.

Finally, you may think the “Share Table” isn’t a need but you are WRONG! According to a website called Imagine Learning, research shows children who don’t have enough protein, nutrients and energy will not develop properly. Another example of this problem is that research also states that hunger can increase behavior problems. Mrs. Sneath, could some of the behavior problems you see in the office be because of hunger? The “Share Table” could help this problem, too! The final important piece of research says that young children who are hungry are more likely to become sick for the rest of their lives. That means they are more likely to be absent from school.  The whole point of school is to learn. As you can see, we are RIGHT! A “Share Table” is definitely necessary.

In conclusion, there are students at New Holland Elementary who are hungry. We are trying to create a “Share Table” at our school to solve this problem and to help the United Nations reach Global Goal 2 – Zero Hunger. Mrs. Sneath, you can not argue with our facts and research. Will you please help your precious New Holland babies end hunger at our school? If you still aren’t convinced, we challenge you to find how many students are hungry at our school.

all about pssa

It was  fun and it was hard not to talk .Mrs miller was fun and the best .and we tuck  my time we had lots  of snaks . I think it  was  the best time ever .and the in encouraging papers help a iot it made me feel better about the pssa  and she read a story and that was about the pssa

winter break

My family got a lot of stuff and we had a good time  and we had a lot of fun and i got a lot of prize from Santa. and that is what I did over the winter break.

my dream

My dream is to go to a Eagles  because the Eagles are my fravrit team. I like the Eagles because the Eagles are good and did you see there last game 7 to 27 the Eagles had 27  the Jiuniis  had 7  and the Eagles logo is sick .And that is my dream .

what I did at the fair

I rode rides at the fair and these are the ride I rode  zipper, bumper car, hurricane himalaya , ship, roundup,gravitron , and Grant win 3 minnows  and he gave me 1. I eat cheese fris and I eat cottin candy.  Me and Grant sped  40 dorans on one game .  And me and Grant got a smouthe and Grant sleep at my house . And that is what at I did at the fair. And this is what I whited to do eat fired oreos and a funll cake . And I whited to get a big tiger . And I whited to play rig tos . And that is what I did at the fair and  what I whited to did fair.