My favorite part of Washington D.C. was… :)

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                 My favorite part of D.C. was the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

This museum was my favorite part because I loved seeing all of the animals and pretty diamonds. Even though I didn’t get to see all of the museum I had a blast!

 I only got enough time to go to the ocean area of the museum but that was so cool. One of the coolest animals I got to see was one of the biggest squids ever caught. I think it was a colossal squid! I have a picture of it and it truly was ginormous. I also saw some other giant fish and I got to see a sea snake, it wasn’t alive though. As I was walking to the butterfly room I saw the mammals or life on land section and it looked so cool but if I was going to do the butterfly room then I couldn’t see the life on land section to, there just wasn’t enough time. So I chose the butterfly room and it was super cool. My favorite was the big butterflies that had black and some blue, my Dad came with me and I think he really liked it to.

Did I say I only got to see the ocean animals I was wrong I also got to see the Hope Diamond! It was gorgeous, and very shiny. I got a good picture but it was hard to with all the people wanting a picture to. After I got a picture I got to see the rest of the diamonds, it was like the best and most sparkly place ever. I just loved it!!!   

 So if you ever go to Washington D.C. make sure to see the Smithsonian museum of Natural History! 🙂 

To recycle or not to recycle?

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Do you think recycling is important, do you know what really happens to your recycled goods?                               When you recycle the recycling company picks it up right, this is normal what’s bad about this?

Recycling is very bad because when we recycle they pick up are recycle and it goes to a  recycling company and then it is actually sorted and did you know that most of if not all of your glass that is recycled goes to a landfill. This is not recycling this is just making you think your saving the environment when your really just harming it. Recycling needs to be changed. In an article I read that in 2013, 254 tons of garbage were thrown away. That’s 4.4 pounds of trash every day by every person. Napkins and lighter things can blow out of the trash in which animals will eat it and then get sick and maybe die. In a video I watched someone had to pull a piece of straw out of a turtle’s nose because someone else throw it in the ocean. You don’t want to see a baby turtle die from a straw do you? So please don’t recycle for all these reasons. Then once you do this then you really will be helping the environment.


By: Gwenn Twilley 🙂



Ways to help in 8 hours, 8 days, 8 months and 8 years.

1. A way I can help in 8 hours is I can clean up any trash that falls on the ground in the cafeteria at lunch. This will help because then the lunch monitors won’t have as much to clean up after all the kids eat lunch.

2. A way I can help in 8 days is I can clean up the trash on the streets after the parade and fair. This can help because then the streets will be clean and more healthy for kids, they won’t have to walk around and see ants all over a piece of funnel cake because it will be cleaned up.

3. A way I can help in 8 months is by welcoming new people that come to are school and telling them about how we should help are environment. This can help because the more people we tell about saving the environment then hopefully the more people will help.

4. A way I can help in 8 years is I can spread the word of God and let others now about him. This can help because then others might consider going to church and learning about him.


This is my blog about how I can help.

Thanks for reading,

Gwenn Twilley 🙂


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I love food, especially LEMONS!!! 🙂

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