10,000 Hours and too much screen time

Today  I read a story called “what does your child’s screen time add up to?” I also watched a video called “10,000 hours” It explained how children are spending to much time on screens, and the 10,000 hour video talked about how to become massively successful. This is what I can conclude from the article….

A conclusion I could draw from this was because of how much time kids are spending on electronics, they could master electronics. The average child eight and under, spends two hours and 20 mins every day on electronics. eight through 12 spend four hours and 30 mins. Because of much time that is a day for eight and above it would take six and half a year to master electronics. for children eight and under it would take 13 years to master electronics.

I say this because in the video “10,000 hours to become massively successful” It talked about how to become a absolute master at it you could practice it for 10,000 hours you will become a “master”. Because kids are spending so much time on devices it they keep it up they will become masters at it sometime in their life.
















All about me!

My name is Sarina. I have a dog named Buster he a dachshund, he is 3 years old, and we got him in December, 2015. My favorite thing to do in my free time time gymnastics. I have 1 brother, Todd, he is 16. I enjoy swimming with my friends, going to different states for vacation, and ziplining. The skill I am best at is Math. If I had to choose a favorite subject I would choose ELA. If I could have anything it would be a pet Whale.


If I could live anywhere I would live inside of the Eiffel tower, I would like to live in the Eiffel tower because I have always wanted to go and I think it would be cool to live in it and be able to see the whole city of Paris. If I had to describe my family as a noise it would be the seagulls from Finding Dory and Finding Nemo. The skill I struggle with most is the different abbreviations of words. The thing I would like to change about the world is, everybody would be nice to each other and not make fun of people.

That’s All About me!


Piu Piu and Fries

Pi Pi and fries love fast food sometimes they even dress up as them! Pi Pi is the smaller one and fries is the bigger one.


Pi Pi and fries were getting ready to fly halfway across the country just to try inside-out-burger. Pi Pi was so excited so she got her french fry outfit on and told  fries to get his hotdog on.


Pi Pi and fries had just got to the airport and got on their plane, Piu Piu was so excited he started jumping up and down. Pi Pi got yelled at by the lady to sit down so they could leave.  


One very long flight later…

They were here, finally here!  Pi Pi ran as fast as he could to get to the Uber driver Fries couldn’t run as fast so he speed walked.

A very short car ride later…

Fries got the super double  decker cheese burger. And Pi Pi had heard they had the best salad. So she was excited because she was a vegetarian.  They went to eat outside and were pleased to see their cousins bunni and chicki! They were also eating inside-out burger. Then they started talking and Piu piu looked at her  watch and saw it was 2:00 then she remembered their flight left at 2:30! So they started running as fast as they could to get to the airport. Then Fries remembered they were in California and they could just take an Uber. When they finally got to the airport they almost missed their flight! Then they ran to the flight and managed to get on. Piu Piu and Fries both of their were still beating fast so they couldn’t fall asleep Eventually they got home and they fell fast asleep.

Metallic and Patricia

Once upon a time the was a boy named Metallic and he was dating a piece of paper named Patricia. They weren’t just dating they were soul mates and best friends. One day Metallic asked Patricia on a date to McDonald’s she said yes, so the next day they went to McDonald’s. They ordered 5,000 Big Mac’s and 50 chicken nuggets. Then when they were done eating the were 5,000 pounds heavier. When they got to their car they could not fit inside the car so they had to roll down the street. When they finally got home they could not fit in the door so they got ready to break down the house, there dad came out and started to sing wreaking ball by Katie Perry. And they Katie Perry came in there house with a real wreaking ball. Then they all went home and then Patricia started to hand out with a boy named Translucent. Then Metallic came in and saw her with Translucent then he got jealous and broke up with Patricia so he ripped her into pieces and kept her in a box. The next day Metallic was very lonely he did everything like he did as if Patricia was there but she kinda was there because Metallic carried the box  with him everywhere he went. The next day Metallic realized he needed Patricia in his life so he got her out of the box  and used gorilla glue to glue her back together and then the got back together and went to McDonald’s and he proposed to Patricia and she said yes. A couple months later they got married and had a wedding with everybody in there family and Patricia’s uncle was the  preacher and they had 5 little pieces  of paper and lived happily ever after.


Cat is so sneaky

Once on a very sunny day Lucy and Gavin were stuck inside when all there friends played outside. Why were they stuck inside they have bin grounded for breaking a vase. ” good-bye kids i’m going to the store don’t go outside” mom said as she waved good-bye. Lucy and Gavin sat by the window watching there friends play. All of a sudden they here a loud knock, they do not answer but the knocking just does not stop. They finally open the door and see a tall cat they take a long look, and then they faint. Later when the Gavin and Lucy woke up everything in the house was gone! “Lucy what are we going to do!” asked Gavin “I don’t know mom will be home in one hour” Lucy said ” I know we have to do some detective work” Gavin said in a serious voice”OK” Lucy said. So they set off to find that cat. ” There he is Lucy” Lucy screamed   they ran up to him “hello little children” the Cat said in a calm voice “why did you steel everything in our house” Gavin asked “I did not steel your stuff when you fainted i moved to your neighbors and I cleaned  your house” The cat said “oh were sorry cat.” So the kids went home sadly. When mom came home she was so impressed because the house was sparkling so she let them go play with there friends. The End

Batman against unicorn By: Sarina Trupe

Once upon a time Batman was flying over Blue Ball and he ran into a Unicorn. Batman broke the unicorns horn he said sorry but the unicorn did not forgive him. Then they started fighting. After a while Batman got the unicorn to listen to him he said ” i’m sorry i broke your horn it was an accident ”  but the unicorn did not forgive him. So they just kept fighting.

After a while Batman got an idea, he told the unicorn his idea ” we can fight ” Batman said proud the unicorn liked his idea so they got ready to fight. They even rented a stadium and all sorts off people came to watch Batman and a unicorn fight.

It was time to fight they got in there position and were ready. The whistle blew they ran at each other the unicorn blasted rainbow beams from his eyes, it almost hit Batman but he moved. Then Batman poked him and he disinterested into sparkle dust and Batman had a dance party by himself.

My wonderful weekend!

MonopolyCreative Commons License chillilogic.com via Compfight Hello world, today i’m telling you about my weekend! During my weekend i spent the night at my grandmas, we played games like life and monopoly. When we were playing monopoly Sam, my grandmas friend built a bunch oh houses and when I rolled I landed on one of his proprieties! Then i had to mortgage everything, and I still didn’t have enough, then Sam won. after that I went home, then i sat on couch and played bubble which 3.