Hatchet Next step

In the book Hatchet Bryan just survived a plane crash. Then was swarmed by so many mosquitoes it looked like a coat. Then, the sun started to come up, the mosquitoes were gone just like that. He was left with a totally swollen face.  Now he is stuck on a large area of land. With nothing but a Hatchet

If I was in his situation, I would try to start a fire by sparking things together and hope for a fire. After that I would try to get some food. For my food situation I would try to make a fishing pole, then fish in the lake for some fish. If I caught a fish I would go to my fire and cook it. Then I would try to make some kind of bed from wood or Bamboo. That’s what I would do if I was in this situation.

10,000 Hours and too much screen time

Today¬† I read a story called “what does your child’s screen time add up to?” I also watched a video called “10,000 hours” It explained how children are spending to much time on screens, and the 10,000 hour video talked about how to become massively successful. This is what I can conclude from the article….

A conclusion I could draw from this was because of how much time kids are spending on electronics, they could master electronics. The average child eight and under, spends two hours and 20 mins every day on electronics. eight through 12 spend four hours and 30 mins. Because of much time that is a day for eight and above it would take six and half a year to master electronics. for children eight and under it would take 13 years to master electronics.

I say this because in the video “10,000 hours to become massively successful” It talked about how to become a absolute master at it you could practice it for 10,000 hours you will become a “master”. Because kids are spending so much time on devices it they keep it up they will become masters at it sometime in their life.