Exploring Grooves with Groove Pizza

Note – the content on this page was created by Ethan Hein a professor of music technology at New York University.

Boom-Boom-Bap Pattern

Below is a classic sixteenth note drum beat pattern called the boom-boom-bap.  You can see all the sixteenth notes on the top line.  Notice how the parts on line two and three play off of that steady rhythm and begin with what sounds like boom-boom-bap and then some uneven backbeats (click the triangle/play button below).

Here is a pattern that is not complete.  As you can see lines two and three start with boom-boom-bap.  Have fun creating the rest of the pattern.  If you like it, feel free to click on the share button at the top and open your pattern in Soundtrap or share the link in SeeSaw.  Click here to see a NoteFlight score of this pattern.


Asymmetrical Pattern

The words asymmetrical means the pattern is not evenly shaped.  Take a look at the shape of this pattern.  Then make it your own by adding hi-hats (top part) and maybe tweaking the snare and bass drum (lines two and three).


Four-On-The-Floor Pattern

These two squares make a classic dance beat that sounds like boom-tap.  With the bass drum playing the quarter notes and the hi-hat being played next.  Try adding a snares drum part and break up the even pattern to create something more fun.


Basic Hip Hop Pattern

This is a basic hip hop groove that is in need of some snare drum (middle line) and maybe something more complicated in the bass drum part (bottom line).  Have fun and create your own hip hop groove for the ages!


It’s A Trap challenge

Below is a basic thirty-second note groove.  Add some bass drum (third line) and snare drum (second line).  Then remove some of the hi-hat (top line) to produce an epic dance-friendly beat.


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