6th Grade

My goal is to provide a sample of the artistic journey we experience in music class.  Please note that not everything we do will be posted!

North Skeleton Sword Dance

We recently studied varied sword dances from the rural areas of northern England and learned one in class.  At the end of the dance, we intertwined our swords (yardsticks) into a star shape.  We then talked about how the music was organized (the form of music) and compared and contrasted to other forms we have studied in class.

Student Improvisation

This improvisation features Chris and Jace.  Nice job guys!  Click here to see the video!

two-threetwo-threTwo-Three a song from Zimbabwe, Africa

Today the students worked really hard on adding a drum part to and Orff piece that was based on a song from Zimbabwe.  The students had to learn three different parts on the Orff instruments and four different parts with the hand drums.







img_1181Star Spangled Banner

Today we talked about the history of the Star Spangled Banner.  The students had great questions and we performed the song with a lot of pride.  In the spring the students will take a trip to Washington, D.C. and hopefully will have a chance to view the original flag that was flown over Fort McHenry.


Today the students worked on a folk song from Sweden.  We talked about why this song was written and the form of the music.  And of course, we had to perform the folk dance that accompanies the song!  The fun part is having one student who roams the groups looking to cut-in-line and take someone’s place.  The students really enjoyed this song!


someoneSomebody That I Used to Know

As the school year builds, we will be studying chords and how to create harmony.  Today we studied a popular song and started to learn the form  and how to perform it on Orff instruments.




Here the students are performing improvisation as they sing a song from the Philippines called Tongo!  In this song each student had the opportunity to lead the song and then improvise an instrumental pattern for everyone to echo.


MFC, #9
Here are two pictures of the students practicing a piece of music with movement. This song is from the Music for Children collection, Volume 2, Page 6, #9. We also composed our own parts using the same building blocks that are used in this song.








6Here the students are transferring their movement patterns to the Orff instruments.  They are HOOKED!!!





Here are the big goals for this year!

1.  Explore 6/8 time signature, an American icon in folk music
2.  Explore 2/2 time signature
3.  Explore Italian Tempo Vocabulary
4.  Explore major and minor scales
5.  Explore the music style of Opera
6.  Explore the music style of Jazz / Blues 
7.  Explore the music style for Ballet,
8.  Explore the music style for modern Electronic
9.  Create class compositions
10.  Study European and English Composers (Morley, Telemann, Purcell, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven)
11.  Accelerate music skills developed thus far with best music literature
12.  Examine form, chord structure, and style in music literature
13.  Learn how to dictate music notation

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