The Dog Who Went To Heaven

Based on the true story of my dog.


                 Once there was a dog named Rocky. He was a healthy dog and was active too. He loved playing soccer and he  would win. I loved playing with him. If I got hurt he would lay next to me. When he turned eleven I knew he was dying because he was not his normal self. So I spent the last year with him. When we went to our cabin I played in a stream, and he would want to play too. So we to make shere would not go so far. When it turned October 2017 I saw he was dying he was tired every day.When it was november Rocky would not move. My dad would have to pick him up so he could move. When it was november 10 it was the last day of his life. He was grumpy the whole day. When he past it was hard not having a dog around. Then I got a new dog named bear.



   The End