Why We Should And Should not recycle


Why you should recycle and not.

in class we talk about why we should and should   not recycle

I think we should do both. they have  good reason. one of the reason was it’s less expensive to make new Things.


   Recycle is bad  because the machines they use run on gas. And gas is bad for the earth

   But recycling is good because it’s not wasting.I think we should have ⅓ or one half one of the countries does  it one day and another does it thats how it should work .

Many people think recycling is good sum think it is bad  some think both.  

It’s good and  bad .  people fight over this statement . most say to recycle . some think we need to have a vote. You’ll never get the answer if you fight .


My opinion that we should and should not  do recycle. please think the same .

People  and getting really  frustrated  about this . I think we need a vote. That way it is farer  ho wins that’s what we do. As you can see recycle is good and bad.



My garden


My garden is going grate. 

I have filled it with many plants.  A plant paradis real sun with shade . there are  two pathways so people can move freely. Their is 4 foisel rooms . as you can see my garden is going good.

MY Career



MY career


When i grow up i want to be a ufc fighter i think i be good at it because i wrestle with my dad .

My hour are probably 9:00 to 9:20 .which is good because i like night better than day. My  pay is 1,000 dollars a year.   I love ufc i watch it when it is on. It is one of my favorites sports. That’s why  i would want  this as a job.