Martin Luther king jr. quote

” Darkness cannot drive out darkness.Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that”

What I think this quote means is: imagine a dark room with no light. You can drive out the darkness with darkness it wouldn’t do anything. But light can drive out darkness. The darkness in that room represents the unfairness and racism. The light represent all the people who care about other people and that want to stop racism, because back then there was a lot of it.

Something that we could do is wean you see someone hurting our when you see someone being bullied or when you see someone alone you go up to that person and you help them, you make them feel better. If you would do something like that you would be the light that keeps the world bright. 😊

1 thought on “Martin Luther king jr. quote

  1. I liked when you said the room with no light. I wish you maybe described racism a little bit more. I wonder what this quote really means to you? How do you feel when you read this quote?

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