I was spending the night at my cousins house we were playing video games since 4:30 Pm and stopped at 3:30 Am. During that time I played Fortnite, Paladins, Brawlhalla, […]

Amazing winter,Very super cold weather,Sometime’s there is snow.

Once upon a time there was a butterfly named Bob. Bob had a “friend” named Jeff he was a spider. One day Bob and Jeff were walking in the woods […]

In Hatchet so far Brian was flying towards his dads house when the plane driver had a heart atack and then Bryan had to stear the plane.Then later he crashed […]

There are many different’s and similarly’s in fall and spring.They both have cooler weather,it can rain in both seasons .In spring there is flowers and green leaves, school end’s and […]

How my avatar represents me

This is my avatar it represents me because i have dirty blond hair, i have blue eyes and i like the color green.

The Runaway Orphans: Chapter 2:   Captured! If you haven’t read chapter 1 of The Runaway Orphans, do that before reading this because you won’t understand what’s going on.   Their […]

The Runaway Orphans: Chapter 1: Start of the adventure   “Dad! Can you tell us a bedtime story!”  6 year old Emma and 7 year old Jack wanted to hear […]

My name is Draven, my birthday is July 27 2006. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters(1 brother and 1 half brother, 2 half sisters) my brothers and sisters names […]

One day a named Jeff was playing on his playstation 4 then he heard the doorbell ring “ding dong’”. it was his friend max. He brought a new video game […]