What Actually Happens In Fortnite Part Two: Raven Skin

I can’t believe that default skin got that 1st victory royale. Now, my player will always remember that game, and all the 363 victory royales I got aren’t as important as the 1st one that stupid default skin got. I’ve decided that I have to do something about it. I will play solo-squads. I am going to have the game that my player will never forget, and no one else will forget either:

When we get into the lobby, I look at all these other skins and start dancing because I am going to win this game and they are not. When we get on the battle bus, I go to the first drop. I go to the first drop a lot. The 1st drop is Paradise Palms and I can see at least 20 other people going there. I can’t wait to rack up these kills. I go to the hotel in Paradise Palms and search 4 chests. I have a Blue Assault Rifle, A green Pump, An Infantry Rifle, Dynamite, and 4 mini shield potions as my lineup. At first, shield potions tasted horrible, but I have gotten used to the taste by now. I go out to get kills.

I see someone, and I shoot them 4 times with my assault rifle, and I get my 1st kill. Then, the other 3 people in the squad come and get me. I shoot 1 person with my pump and then kill them with a shot of my Assault Rifle. I knock the other guy down with a pump shot to the head. And finally, I spray the other guy with my Assault Rifle. Then I see someone in the distance and kill them with my infantry rifle. I keep getting kills until I wipe Paradise Palms. I have 17 kills by this time and there are 46 people remaining. I am in the storm eye but I still want to get some more kills, so I go to Salty Springs. When I am leaving Paradise Palms, I found it. A legendary heavy sniper.

I set down the launch pad I got when I looted someone else, but then I saw two people out in the distance. I’m talking like 250-300 meters away, not those cheap 50 meter snipes when they are standing still. They are running towards Salty Springs. I shoot one shot and hit a headshot. Then, this guy makes a dumb move. He revives his teammate without building around them. So, I sniped him. Then, I took my launch pad and went over to Salty Springs. I started building and I noscoped a person. 20 kills baby! 25 people left and there is still time to get more kills.

Someone shoots me but I don’t care, because I will kill him, but he hits me to 3 health. I finally kill him, and lucky me, he has a Chug Jug. A couple of more snipes and kills and I have 26 kills with 10 people remaining. Just then out of nowhere a full squad
comes and attacks me. I knocked down 3 people and it was a build battle between me and someone else. I edit him in and 1 pump him. 30 kills! I see someone else in the distance but I don’t need to worry about them now. There are 5 people left. I find a hoverboard. Then I see someone. I try to snipe them but I miss. I go up in the air again and when he peeks, I snipe him. It was kind of lucky but it was a really good snipe. It was 193 meters. It was one of my best snipes ever.

I start building like crazy because I want to scare the other 3 people out there. Just then, another person starts building, and all of a sudden, we are in a build battle. Build a ramp over here, and a floor over there. Then, this third partier snipes the guy that is build battling me. The match is down to 3 people and the other 2 people seem pretty good, but I am better. I start building up to max height and I see someone doing the same as me. It’s creepy, every move I make mimicked, until I find a loophole. I jump off my building and use my last glider. I break his building and he has gliders to but I saw this coming because he would of not built this high if he did not. Then I snipe him in midair for 175 and then I finish him off with my Blue Assault Rifle. There is one person left but I have a strategy for these type of things. I start building but not too high or I could fall. Then I see him running from the storm. I take out my sniper and 175 him then I launch pad over to him, pumped and BOOM he’s dead.

I Won!

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  1. hey Draven I like how you put a lot of detail into this story but I wish you would have told me stuff about the ending like what did he do after words and I wonder what is your favorite skin in Fortnite


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