Runaway Orphans Chapter 3

If you haven’t read chapter 1 and 2, read them before you read this because you won’t know what’s going on.

When he got to the bottom of the steps, he took a brief glare around the room. He started walking in the direction of the orphans. “We’re not going upstairs until we find the orphans.” He started knocking over everything in his path. “A-ha.” he said. “There you are. You’re coming with me.” He took them upstairs and locked them in a closet, tied up. “I’ll deal with you later, right now, me and my daughter are eating dinner.” Then he walked away.

The ropes weren’t too strong, and after struggling for a couple of minutes, Mark finally managed to get his one hand free. Then he untied his other hand until they were both free. It was getting late and even though the orphans tried to stay awake, they finally drifted off. While they were sleeping, the door silently cracked open, and their neighbor snuck in. He then put a tracking device on both their shoes. Then, he left, but he forgot to lock the door.

In the morning, the orphans woke up. “We have to find an escape.” Said Abigail. Just then, the orphans saw the crack in the door. “Let’s go.” Said Mark. “Wait. Our neighbor might be out there.” Mark cracked the door open a little more, and didn’t see anything. “Coast is clear.” He said. Silently, the orphans opened the door and ran out in the open. Their neighbor was nowhere to be seen. “Quick, let’s go.” Said Mark. “Wait, let’s find out what he is up to.” Staying undercover, the orphans went around the house searching for clues. Just then, they saw steps leading upstairs.

“Should we go up?” Abigail said quietly. “Let’s go.” Said Mark. Quietly, Mark stepped onto the step and so did Abigail. Then, they began crawling up the steps. When they got to the top, Mark looked and saw 4 doors. “Let’s take this one first.” They crawled over to the door and silently turned the knob. It was the bathroom. Then, they went to the second door. Nothing again. It was the same with the third door.

“Listen” said Mark “I hear something.” It was the sound of a machine coming from the fourth door. The sound got closer and closer as they approached the fourth door. He quietly turned the knob, but it was locked. Just then, Mark stepped on something that looked suspicious. He looked closer and saw that it was a trap door. He opened it and there was a ladder leading down to some secret room. They went down and saw that there was a machine making posters saying “If you see my 2 kids, please return them to this address: 1751 Kindness Drive. $500,000 reward.”

That was the address of the house right next to the Chompy River. Anyone who has ever entered the river hasn’t come out because of the crocodiles. The orphans knew if anyone found the poster and then found them, they would be chomped up by the crocodiles. They unplugged the machine. Then they looked over and saw an envelope that was mailed to California. It read, “When they reach you, handle them on your own, and remember, don’t handle them with care.” “Why did Mom and Dad tell us to go to California?” Said Mark. “Maybe they knew he was bad and they actually didn’t want us to go there, but they said it so our neighbor wouldn’t find out.” Said Abigail. “Then do you think mom and dad are still alive?” Said Mark.

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  1. I like how you ended with a question building up the suspense.
    I wish they would’ve noticed the tracking devices.
    I wonder if their parents are alive
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