Hatchet Next Step

In Hatchet so far Brian was flying towards his dads house when the plane driver had a heart atack and then Bryan had to stear the plane.Then later he crashed half-in-half-out a lake and then Thousands of mis eidos swarmed him and made him a coat out of bite’s on him i think he is next going to rest and heal up so then he can make shelter.


  1. hey Draven it is Justin I liked how you put some information about what is happening in Brian’s life right now but I wish you would have just out a little bit more about what is he gonna do but it is ok and I wonder if you are gonna make another one of these Hatchet next step blog posts


    1. Draven love the nice work it explains a lot its like you wrote a shorter version of hatchet great work i give You 100% stars :b


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